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Need a drywashin fix! Got dry dirt???

Sonoran Dave

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Alright here's the skinny.... bought a new drywasher from Frank C. last week. It snowed the next day :grr01: Its still not dry enough up here in the Bradshaws, everything is wet a couple inches down.

Needless to say I REALLY would like to use it before I have to head back north!

Anybody been to LSD or Rich Hill lately?? Got a membership in the Roadrunner club, and a couple others, so I've got places to go. :fl:

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Dave, a lot of Arizona has wet ground due to all the rains. I own a Keene 151, and usually have to wait till Summer, or just after summer to use it, as the ground is to wet.

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Arctic, it rained cats an dogs here after you left.

Don't feel bad, I been stuck at home with to do's. Even had to run a new sewer line the trench diggin just about killed me.

I'd rather be out diggin for cans with my beeper.

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Oh well, guess I'll have to stick with beepin :head:

Found my first nugget yesterday. :D The only problem...it wasn't gold :cry2: but a little copper nuggie still attached to some host rock. :hahaha:

I'll post up a pic after I get back from my AM beepin excursion.

Sorry to hear about the sewer line Frank... been there done that, NO fun!

Thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it :thumbsupanim

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