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Here is another one of my predator control units. It is a Savage 93R17, Cal. 17HMR Supurb small cal gun for those closer pests. This is topped with a BSA Sweet 17 3x12x40 and sun shade, and the Harris swivel Bi-Pod. I shoot the CCI 17HMR explosive 17 grain JHP

Here is a great site for you 17 HMR shooters


Basically what I shoot are the 4 rounds below

1.CCI 22 CB Long

2.CCI 17 HMR TNT 17 grain JHP

3. .223 Remington 52 grain Match Hollow Point

4. 308 Winchester Match 175 grain FMJ BT

So I guess I'm covered from short distance to far away

Happy Hunting



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If you get a chance to add to these fine calibers, try out the Ruger 204. 4000+ fps and super flat trajectory. Nails cayotes at 500-600 yards no problem.

Also, not sure if the dude still makes them or not, but he use to make barrels for the P22 in 17. He use to sell the barrel w/recoil spring for 90 bucks. Just do a search if interested.


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