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Yup he is still out there

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Picked up another rifle yesterday and without sighting it in thought I would go see if I could tap this particuler squirrel that has been taunting me for the last couple of years.

After some scoping around I spotted him on th opposite ridge in his usual stance. I slowly got out of the truck found a nice spot to lay down, set the bi-pod to about the 8" length and took a look at him in the 6x18 scope. Got out the range finder and measured the distance at about 475 yards. Ha just about right. You see I just bought this gun from a local pawn shop and took it for granted that the previous owner had it sighted in. A gun like this is just what is needed for these longer shots. It is a CZ 500 tactical/varmiter in cal. 308. I used the single set trigger so there would be about 1/2lb trigger pull (no jerking). I wanted to make sure everything was just right, waited for the wind to die down, as you only get one shot at this dude and if you miss he will do his little dance and then scurry off and the moment will torment me for another year. This year I brought the video camera.

Yup, you guessed it. I zeroed him in the scope, took a couple of deep breaths, exhaled, squeezed the trigger, ka-bluee, dang, missed again. He did the same thing as always and then was gone before I could reload. Guess I should have gone to the range to sight in before looking for this critter. Oh well there will be next year. but the memory of 3 misses in 3 years will just make me more determined next year. I did get him on video.

happy hunting

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