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While out Sunday, I heard a slight wobble on the detector.Already having dug a dozen trash targets :grr01: I assumed this to be another lead bullet. Having found this piece I would have expected to have the nugget blast my ears off, but I found the nugget wedged between the 2 pieces of bedrock as shown in the picture, laying vertically. Always digging everything payed off, this time!! :D The smaller nugget was found on some caliche in another location.

Keep on digging everything, and eventually it will pay off.




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Cool finds, Dave ... How deep and what equipment? I'd suggest gridding the area ... I hit one of those small patches in the past couple days and I've been amazed at the nearby targets I missed on my first pass through the patch ... Slow down and overlap your swings, then hit it from the four corners of the compass ...=Nuggers in your poke!!!! Cheers, Unc

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Congrats on the gold. Thats a really nice piece. :)

Dont you love that feeling when you get down to bedrock, dont see anything and the target is still there? :)

Hope you find more.

Tom H.

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It was your time! Cool. It looks like you dug a bit. Did you have both detectors with you or were you flying that mongo helicopter tail? Congrats!

(no word yet on other subject, btw)



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Aloha Dave,

Nice job of finding that nugget. I would do as Uncle Ron suggested. Grid off the whole area and go really slooooow and loooow! Who knows, you may find the rest of it relatives.

Aloha and stay well,

Stan aka Kaimi

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