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Almost Embarrassing.......


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Good find, Adam....Don't let that puppy thaw out...Remember, the colder they are, the more they weigh ... :thumbsupanim ...Cheers, Unc

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Thats better then I did yesterday!

Got one picker and two flakes.

Detected all day and sucked up some dirt.

Got to admit though.........the weather was awsome yesterday where I was :)

Tom H.

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Adam could you please zoom in i am having a hard time seeing your gold!!!

Its the same size as the one in front of my house! :P

Tom H..

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Beats my outing the other day as all I found was a musketball,square nail,and a tiny piece a tin but oh what a beautiful day in the sun with the creek raging, the rattlers a buzzing and the poison oak a waking up from a long winters nap---John

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