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Numbskull move of the week...


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So, I packed up all my detecting gear to go have a little fun today at the GPAA Phoenix Chapter pic-a-nic.

I even loaded up the wife, daughter, dog, and all the crap that means.

So, we drive the 100 miles from my house to the Golden Dreams claim at LSD. I unload all their junk and get them set up to enjoy the day (as much as is possible on a cold, windy day with a high threat of rain).

I then proceed to take my detector out of the bag and go get my battery off the charger (even plugged it in to the inverter for faster charging).

I finally look in the back floorboard of my truck, where to my astonished eyes does appear... I ain't got no stinking search coils here!


I asked one of the club members with a mineral if I could borrow a spare coil. No problem he says. And proceeds to bring me a coil. But wait, insult and injury weren't done with me yet.

Neither of us had a lower shaft on hand. You see, all my coils have dedicated shafts. So I pull the shaft, insert another and am off and hunting again. I guess others just deal with that little plastic bolt repeatedly and then the strapping of the coil wire, ad infinium.

Well, I wouldn't let that stop me!!!

I grabbed my daughter's $40 Bounty Hunter junior detector and my pick and went on to recover 2 nuggets tokens and a paydirt bag token in the club nuggets shoot!

Brought home a total of about .6 grams of gold today!

Sadly, that's more than I have found with my 3500 and 5 different coils!!

Sad, but true. Let the never ending bashing and laughing ensue...

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Hey Sgt. Frank.....at first I didn't believe you but now it's a cinch....how did our good friend Glenn ever get kids... :nutty:

hang in there sunshine...I've known people through the years that forgot their batteries....picks....headphones....

think of it this way as you get a lot older it gets worse but you don't give a hoot...whew almost said the S word....post-300-0-72641300-1334455961_thumb.jpg

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darn. I knew that statement would come up in this thread... just not as the FIRST reply! LOL

I call it the "Laurel Effect"

It affects

-Time (I am always late when she is involved)

-Space (why does she have to bring so much crap???)

-Sanity (I have forgotten my meds a couple times out, extra batteries for my batt eating GPS and now every coil I have for my ML)

I tell ya, my daughter not only got an X chromosome from me, but also my ability to maintain coherent thought when she is awake. Thank God she's not at work with me or I wouldn't have a job... ever.

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Ive never forgotten anything except small stuff like gas,food, water, toilet paper and such...

I do have a way to remedy my lack of memory from the excitement of going out....


Make a permenent one with a listing of what you take all the time.

You could even put it behind some plexyglass and just mark off the stuff with a grease pencil as you load up.

Guess its the 27yrs in the military that got me doing that.



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I have a checklist. However, it doesn't account for what I call "The Laurel Effect"

Laurel is my way-too-full-of-energy 6 year old daughter.

Ask Sgt Frank about her. She could interrupt God himself, or nObama from his ruination of our nation!

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Well then....for hecks sake turn her loose on our "president"! <----Parenthesis denotes title only...not earned respect.

Tom H.

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What president??

All we have is a lying, illegal, alien, homeless person everyone is afraid to kick out for fear of setting off L.A.-like riots all over the place.

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i think you boys have gone off track...

I have a storage box that hold my coils with lower rods, my batteries, my minelab, my cords and other junk...I could put my small hermit pick in there too but I don't...keeping everything in one box will solve most of the "I forgot my ^%&$" stuff...


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I'm in the process of designing a case, actually.

will hold all my coils (each has its own lower shaft) and I'll have a plug on it that will power the charges to make sure all batteries get charged in the box. So no chance to forget them.

I'll just have to put the case in my truck, then in the prospecting vehicle and I'll have it all at my fingertips. :)

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Glenn do you have room in there for Sgt. Frank....what would prospecting be without your "guru"....

Probably the modern pick-ups don't have enough head room but my old Toyota sure has so I built a big shelf over the

rear seat and another one in front of me....I keep everything there all the time except my pick....on each shelf I have four

1" D-ring tie downs....lined the shelves with 1/4" foam rubber....two 12 volt power supplies on the dash and one under

my seat for a flash light.....the only thing I have to remember is my drivers license and pistol belt and canteen/water....

and my two year old Lavinia sounds just like your Laurel....don't forget to take her with you....

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Ask Glenn who won the big nugget on the gold pan toss and came in second on the fast panning.

Glenn forgetting things. You want me to make a list.

It was fun watching the Glenn show at the outing. The wife, kid and dog all going in a different direction

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Wondered how long it would take you to get in here LOL

Yeah, Frank - you were shown up by your wife - AGAIN :hahaha:

Golden Dreams is just her claim, plain and simple. She found the butt crack nugget there, and now wins gold in the picnic events (note that there were only two, maybe three, ladies contestants for panning contest :ph34r2: ).

Having all going in different directions is typical. Just wish the weather was nicer so I didn't have crabby wife on my hands :)

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Not only did she beat me on the pan toss event she beat Glenn and everyone else for a 1.03 gram nugget. She also found gold in the dirt she dug out of the wash. Not bad for a indoor gal.

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