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100 Anniversary Holbrook Hunt - Important Message

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Good Morning Holbrook meteorite hunting enthusiasts, I've been prolonging this email as long as I could - I was hoping things would change -but I can wait no longer.

I am writing to inform you that do to commitments beyond my control I WILL NOT be able to make it to this years gathering. This is unfortunate as there will only be one 100 year anniversary. However, I have some really exciting things happening regarding meteorites and unfortunately, there is only one of me and I can NOT be at two places at once. This being said, I know that lots of people will still show up and if there is anyone out there that would like to step in and lead an organized event please feel free to do so.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused....


Rock On!

Ruben Garcia

Website: www.MrMeteorite.com

Articles: www.meteorite.com/blog/

Videos: www.youtube.com/profile?user=meteorfright#p/u

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Sorry to hear that, Ruben. We'll miss you. Good luck on whatever else you're involved with, hope it goes well for you.

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I'm also sorry to hear about Ruben canceling. I already signed up, and am wondering if the event is still on, and if anybody else is going.

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karlfarris, I'm still planning on going up for the day. I won't help anyone much since I'm a newbie. Hopefully there will be knowledgable folks there to help us out.

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Aloha guys,

Hopefully someone will get a note posted in the events section of this forum giving us times and dates for this evvent.

Aloha and stay well,

Stan aka Kaimi

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