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Joe NoShoulders Chased Me Over Some Nuggets

Uncle Ron

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Yo All ... So a couple weeks ago I had an unsettling confrontation with Joe Shoulders up on Happy Ridge ... I really thought I'd cleaned that patch up, so decided to abandon it in search of other areas ... But something kept bugging me and today I went back and hiked up above the Happy Ridge area and into ground that looked the same as the original patch, but was a good quarter mile away and 500 feet higher in elevation ... The thing that's interesting about this area is that there's what Montana Bob calls "Juicy" looking ground, including greenstone schist, iron pyrite, quartz, ironstone and good old weathered laterite type oxidized iron ground ... But, the patches I've found here are barren looking grey dirt in between those rich looking areas, the latter of which have no color or nuggets ... Anyhow, today, in an up hill extension of Happy Ridge I hit a small patch that I'll get back to for some more intensive search ... The total of the three nuggets is 2.7 DWT, solid chunky little boogers and fun to find all in about an 18 square foot patchlet ... About $150 at today's gold price, but priceless in fun and soul satisfying results ... MLGP4500, NF14 E Mono, original fiberglas body ... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah




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Yo All ... Thanks for the Attaboys ... I do have a plan because I know about some heavy gold found in this "new" area within the past dozen years or so ... Not exactly in this patch, but there's a linear development going on where many ounces of the gold chunks were found ... Ya just can't beat the old LSD for popping up some awesome goodies right in the middle of where everyone's pounding, but missing because it doesn't look like "classic" gold ground ... That grey dirt's put way more than a pound of the good stuff in my poke in the past couple years ... Yer happy Unc in the Dubyah ...Cheers!!!

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