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This ain't GOLF guys an gals. But I did have another very unusual experience with my Ol Turdy5hundred.

Yeah was out doin it for 5 days 1st day at it got the bonafied dink in the pic, then hitless for a couple days an ZAPPO a real weird signal HOT ROCK fer sure dead in a wash. So needless to say I just kept walkin an detectin.

NAW I started diggin like a badger signal got a bit better and then came a definate signal a bit deeper.

Yep 4 targets came outta that hole with a load of rocks and the mullock heap turned out 2 nuggets an armour piercing slug real tiny caliber and a tiny piece of shrapnel.

NICE pocket I detected had accumulated all that jazzz in one hole.

Then last day out there in the great western territory of Arizona I UNBUSHED a sweet warped signal at about 10 inches the largest nugget was mortified with caliche but I saw a glint of gold when I examined the pinpointed target from my scoop. It cleaned up real nice.

So 5 days 4 nugs. Could have been worse I gusss but at least the sizes kept gettin bigger as the days of the hunt went on.

My Turdy5hundred keeps on tickin just like a Timex watch.

Hapy Huntn folks an wish I was still out there but had to cut the trip short with elephantitus of the left knee, an the right one ain't so good either. Home now with ICE on it thats Nice.


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Thats really cool Frank!

A nice pocket with gold :ROFL:

You might try a milk stool to strap to your butt so you dont have to bend down so far :thumbsupanim

I know you have the skills to make one.

Take care of yourself....glad you got some nice gold

Im gonna try to scare some out of the ground on Sat.

Tom H.

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Don't know about that with the artificial knees Doug, but I tell ya I'm still nursin these freakin knees takin it easy around the house not out climbin hills with the detector just diggin trenches an doin to do's.

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