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Recent El Paso Mountains Road Closures

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About two weeks ago the BLM put up dozens of red road closure markers. It is unclear at this point what the rationale is. I drove throughout the area yesterday and came across dozens. They seemed to fit a pattern of only selecting mostly fairly recent motorcycle/quad type hill climbing cuts. The pre-existing, previously established roads [with the brown, numbered markers] remained open with a few exceptions. If anyone has some information, please post. Thanks.

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Last night we went to a townhall meeting with Congressman McClintock. Many complaints from locals here were about the forest circus and how they are agenda driven by left wing environmentalists. He flatly stated that if the current administration in DC is not replaced at the next election there will be tons and tons of more of this crap from the interior department. Right now it's impossible to stop them. He explained it in his own words that everyone can understand. He said we are in a shitty deal with the forest circus and the crap starts running down hill from the White House. There is so much of it running from there it has reached each and every agency. One can assume the same goes for the BLM these days

We must vote out the current administration if we want to see this reversed.

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I got a few emails on this as well here's what they said..........

“I was out at a few of the favorite sites around Randsburg and ran into loads of new ” no motorized vehicle ” past this point signs. It has made it inconvenient to take the long way to get past the closures. So I though I would pass this email along.

There is only a few days left to get more paper loaded into the BLM’smailbox

Hope your pans are full these days”


Last Chance Charlie said:

“Ted We have until April 15th to get word to them, and I alone am only one voice. The closed routes are marked on one end and don’t really make sense I know. Attached is some info please get your comment to the BLM ASAP. Attached is a map of the area, try to define the route you are interested in and send it along with your comments to the address provided. Give lots of reasons why you need the route like recreational mining, scenic, 2 wd access etc

Here is the link http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/cdd/west_mojave__wemo.html

And the form and map is attached online…

Tell your friends as this is important too


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  • Bummer. I just sent in my 2 cents worth (see below) on this issue and received the following autoreply:

From: West, Mary Lou

To: Dakota Slim

Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 5:39 PM

Subject: Out of Office: cdd feedback

I will be out of the office, returning on April 16.

My Message:

Hello. I worked my butt off for the last 50 years and recently retired. I want to see the good old USA in my Chevrolet but everywhere I look I see "Road Closed" signs on public land. Many of these roads are on maps and have been in existence for 100's of years. I don't think this is fair and I don't think it is right. I think it is illegal. These roads didn't magically appear. They were built by our forefathers for a purpose. Is the US government being run by small group of "save the whatever" extremists?

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I'd like an answer to these questions.

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I like your style,that letter is priceless! :wubu:

Buuuut, I also have some firsthand information,about the closure fiasco.

There is a master plan,that is already in effect. You guys are only seeing

the follow up being implemented.

I have a young lady friend that spent two years cruising roads and trails

for the Forest Service and BLM, to be added to the roadless hit list. Her

job was to ride every road and trail ,with a GPS and data logger. She was

only one of many doing this job all over the west.

These roads and trails have been selected ,for quite some time. The comment

and meeting thing is only a sham,to make you think that you have input.

If you want to see your future just come to Utah,if you can find an open road to

get here. :ROFL: We had to fight like hell to keep some maintained county roads.

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Well, this is pure unadulterated BS. The average American has no idea this is happening. I could be wrong but I have to believe that the only reason this activity survived thru the Bush Administration was because of 911. Where is 60 Minutes when you need them? Will it take a major commotion for this to receive the kind of press and public awareness it deserves?

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Sawmill said it pretty clear it has been a agenda for a long time,They plan on shuttung down the el pasos and other areas to riperian wilderness, This is a big deal and As i have seen in the past they have made up there mind,There is a big push to keep horses out of the high contry and smowmobiles of all forest land, It Is a shame to say the least

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You have pretty well answered your own question,in your statement.

The average American,doesn't have a clue about anything that they

don't see on TV or on a computer. Most don't really give a darn,and

are totally ignorant until a problem lands on their head,then it is a big

surprise. Most have never been to a Forest Service office or BLM office

except to get a map or find a camp ground.

Also 60 minutes and other news groups are well aware of what is happening,

and are part of it. They help to keep the general public ignorant and content,

The odd part is,that the Feds did not try to hide the road closure plan in any

way. They spent a lot of time and money trying to get the public ,to pay attention.

For some reason the public doesn't care until it is too late,and it affects their

own personal little world.

Most of the public is like a bunch of Grouse. They will sit on a limb and watch

their buddy get shot,and just watch him fall. They will continue sitting there

watching their buddies drop,before it occurs to them ,they may have a problem,

by that time its too late. The Forest Service,BLM,and green groups have used

the grouse theory to their advantage for quite some time.

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I don't know much about any of this, but to me it's all about the rich vs. the poor. Why you might ask... There is bound to be some beautiful homes out in the areas being closed. And probably every home has one environmentalist living in it. Maybe they don't like noisey mufflers on 4 wheelers. And I can understand that.


PS- Or maybe it's just to save money when times are bad. The news still says 12-13 million people without jobs and that is an ultra conservative count because many have dropped off of the unemployment list. Less taxes might mean less maintenance for the areas and when you remove the traffic there is less needs for maintenance. Who knows?

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