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Johnno needs our help folks

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I'm posting this for Johnno and Kat....


Couple grateful to local businessman and friends

We wanted to send you this notice to publish a letter of thanks to a local in Morristown - Bill Southern. He has a local detecting shop as well as a forum for gold prospecting at www.NuggetShooter.com. We have been longtime members of this forum and call all of the members there, friends. We have experienced such an amazing outpouring of compassion and friendship.

This last weekend I received a phone call from my parents who live in Australia that my dad has been diagnosed with cancer in multiple areas of his body and has been suffering from internal bleeding. I haven’t been home for about eight years since the downfall in the economy, and work has been drastically affected by the current state of affairs.

We have been strapped for funds and have been struggling for the past three years trying to get our mortgage payments current. In trying to keep our house, we have placed all and any extra funds toward the house payments, which led to using our emergency funds that we had in case I needed to get home to my parents.

With only asking for prayers from our friends at Nugget Shooter forum, a new action was instigated on Monday afternoon about 4 p.m. to “Get Johnno home to Oz.”

These folks from all walks of life from Arizona and all over the United States and abroad have overwhelmed us with not only their prayers but donations to get airfare for my ticket home to Australia. In less than 24 hours, they managed to raise enough funds to pay for the ticket.

We are both moved beyond words from the kindness and generosity of these forum members, our friends.

With actions such as these, it deserves to be recognized and praised, and this is the first step as we ask you to kindly publish this letter in our thanks and eternal gratitude for their compassionate assistance in giving me the chance to go home to see my dad, spend some cherished time with him, and for what might be the last time I see him.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we hope that you will consider this and make this known to your community and to anyone else to know that even in these uncertain times and as tough as they are. We may feel we are on our own and alone in the fight.... we have been thankfully been proven wrong and know truly in our hearts that we are not alone.

John and Katina Cabassi

Del Aire, Calif.

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