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My wife's sister came over for Easter. I gave her a detector to practice for the club nugget shoot. I have some crushed stone behind the pool that I placed some coins in. She found a target she could not locate. I showed her how to use a scoop and guess what was in the the scoop. A 1/4" meteorite. Wonder where the stone came from. Meteorites in W Mesa!

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Aloha Frank,

Maybe the Easter bunny left it for you! :thumbsupanim

Aloha and stay well,

Stan aka kaimi

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Likely somewhere around Wickenburg. Most of the materials dealers get their stone from only three or four aggregate suppliers and most of them are in the W area.

Take it over to ASU and get it identified. Then you'll know exactly where it's from.

I'm laughing my butt off over here... First your wife finds bigger gold than you. Now your sis in law finds a space rock IN YOUR BACK YARD!

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From now on I'll let them do all the work and I'll just sit back and watch the butt cracks as they dig for treasure

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