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You might be a gold nut if...

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At least you have that bottle of clorox waiting to clean it up!

You might be a gold nut if...

You want to classify every plate of rice you see.

You swirl pasta around a strainer like it's a gold pan.

You save every empty peanut butter jar, jelly jar, or whatever jar with a lid because you think "I can totally use this for something..." even if you don't have anything in mind.

You hesitate for a moment when youre wandering the hardware store for some random off-the-wall thing and an employee asks "so what do you need THAT for?" Usually your two options are a long confusing explanation of the gold classifying contraption you're building, or an easy lie.

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Too funny Sgt. Dookie. I was mixing bags of cement in a wheelbarrow at work last week wondering if some gold was in the sand they used for the mix. I heard a story years ago that at a panning contest they bought bag sand and filled new pans to the rim put 6 lead shot into them and the winner was the one to pan out all the sand. One of the contestants panned out a picker with the shot. The event planners and judges swore it was not a setup or gimmick.

Gold is where you find it!

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