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The Nugget Man Passed Away Yesterday

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"Will Wilcox, known as the Nugget Man, a longtime gold prospector and familiar face on the GPAA Outings and Gold & Treasure Show circuit, died yesterday in Anaheim, Calif. at the age of 82.

Born Nov. 22, 1929 in Oklahoma and later moving to Oregon and later California, Welba Phillip WIlcox was a gold prospector, GPAA and LDMA member. He was famous for his two-pound nugget and other gold nuggets which he displayed at Outings and Gold & Treasure Shows.

Wilcox was an author of two books on gold prospecting and has appeared on Gold Fever.

Wilcox, passed away yesterday morning, Good Friday, in Anaheim after his health took a turn for the worst about two weeks ago, neighbor and longtime friend David Nightingale said today.

Nightingale said that after a private funeral service, he and his father, Joe, will mix Wilcox’s ashes with gold dust and spread them in an undisclosed location in California.

"That was Will's last wish,” Nightingale said.

“He’s gone to the big gold mine in the sky."

R.I.P. Will


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I just found out about the Nugget Man's life before gold prospecting and becoming the Nugget Man, he was a wood carver, restoring carousel creatures, and one of the best at what he did.

Here's a link about his life before gold prospecting.



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He was one of the few folks I truly wished to have the opportunity to sit down and hear his stories. I could only imagine what it would be like after having seen excerpts from his couple of books.

It is a sad day to see him gone, his rest is well deserved and his presence is still with those who even knew of him.

R.I.P Nugget Man.

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