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Im a Meteorite ( Gold Basin) seeker, want to be a finder!

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Hi, my name is Dave. I just spoke with Bill and he said to post exactly what I spoke with him about, and some of the best in the world will give you some great advice. So, thanks in advance if you can help.

Like many of you probley started out,I really want to find my first Gold Basin Meteorite, Ya, I can buy a great one on E-bay for 50 bucks,but as you all know thats not what it's about. I hope to look at it and say I'm the first human to see and hold this Meteorite in my hands, since its arrival on planet Earth 15,000 years ago. Now that's something special. So, here's the facts

1- I've now spent over $1000 Dollars and have been to the site 5 times ( this includes purchase of a White's GoldMasterII , Snake Gatter's, a GPS, hand axe, Gas ETC.

2- I am familiar with the location of the 1996 original Strewnfield site, I have worked North and South of this area, as well as "tried the beginners luck theory of stopping random place's" With the theory no one will have looked here!

3-I think you, are starting to get the picture....I'm putting in lots of time ,money and man hours with NO RESULTS what so ever.

4-I have done my homework, I can ID a Gold Basin if I See one, I am getting pretty good at ground balanceing my detector, I bring a 10x loupe into the field etc.

5-Does anyone have any advice,for someone who has lost hope?

6-I will try to offer,what I feel may be going wrong, but at this point I just Don't want to give up!

7-I have to dig up every small hit I get on the detector, even if it's always a "hot rock". Am I under the illusion that this is easy, do the pro's Dig 100 holes to find that 1 GB...but just leave that part of the story out? Is that what Gold Basin hunting is..100 or more holes to find a 20 gram rock?

8-Am I in the wrong location, that has been hunted out for the last 15 years, people are telling me the area is 15 miles by 4 miles wide...Should I just head towards the helecopter landing area and look there...That would seem like a place that would not be a strong possibility...but my picking of locations as of now is 0%...so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lastly, it is my promise to all the good people who are members of this forum, that if there help was the key to my Gold Basin Meteorite find (even if its 2 grams), I will Photo the Rock and of course give much sincere thanks to those that went out of there way to help a "a Meteorite seeker" who wants to before my death , be able to say "I was a Meteorite finder"



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Hello David, and welcome to the forum. I"m not one of those guys Bill mentioned, but I can give you some good advice.


Besides being a super neat guy, he knows GB better than his backyard.

Just be sure when you talk to him he isn't on the "Cabo"............... :hahaha:

All kidding aside. He and his Lady Teri are great folks, and would be your best place to start..........

Best of luck,


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Hi David

Jim Kreigh and I are the original discoverers of the gold basin meteorite. The original find site was up near the gpaa claim camp spot but that was lean pickins even in the begining. The find numbers and sizes increased as we got closer to the Hualipia wash . But to close and they were virtually gone. Hill tops , ridges and open flats were hit very hard by everyone and their mother before you took on this quest. My suggestion to you is hunt the steeper slopes and the more brushier the better. Those areas still hold promise because it's the most difficult hunting. Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi, John B..Thank-you very much for your advice! Great to speak with the "man himself". I will follow your directions. Let you know if I meet with any results. Do you think that they will be surface finds, or are all the majority at this time needing to be dug? Also, because I am guessing you are not a Metal Detector salesperson...do you think my White's GoldMaster II will do the job, or is this unit outdated? Either way, in the end if I never actually find one...keep a nice one ready for me to purchase from you. It might get to be the closest thing to actually finding one...Until then, I will keep hunting...till "Todays the Day" as Mel Fisher said for 16 years! Thanks John and also Patrick for your contact info....Regards David

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Hi, Everyone.

This is a great site and the people are down to earth and just darn nice!

Well anyway, worked the site for 6 hours today,Sat and again found nothing!

It does not matter ,but I'm done

To much cost and effort with no reward.

Either that place is dry or my detector does not work or i'm in the wrong spot.

Thanks Again ..David.

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David, you shouldn't be so easily discouraged! Some people hunt their entire life and never find a meteorite. It can take hundreds or even thousands of hours in the field to make a find. These guys that go out and find one or 10 every time out have put in their hours and we get to see the results. It sure looks easy, but it is any but. I would suggest trying to hook up with a few folks who know the area and get out and hunt with them. It's only a matter of time before you find one, all you have to do is walk over it! :)

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You can,t give up that fast. most of the gold basin,s today are 3/6 inches down,You got good advice go were it is not east or comfortable most will never go in these types of areas.Slow down swing slow and low,Yep you have to dig the farkin hot rocks those my friend are dues we all pay to learn the machine,Dust your self off and buck up they are out there but some take a while to find there first one,You my friend did not get into a easy hobbie, but when you finally get your first one, well you never forget it.

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Thanks Mikestang,

Yes,I know you are right. I am just discouraged because there are so many "hot rocks" out at Gold Basin. I dig and its nothing, I get a hit on the surface and look down and it;s nothing but a hot rock again. As you know a day of digging and not finding any thing hurts..both physical and mental. But, in the end you are certainly very right, many people do search a lifetime and do not find any.

I think some of my being under the impression that I could have found at least something, was watching all the "you tube" video's and some conversations I had with some Metal dectector dealers (all names and people will not be disclosed), But I remember one guy saying his line of machine's tune out all the hot rocks and you can just hear the meteorites...something to the effect of there are plenty out there and last time he was there he found quite a few! One guy told me he has 76 of them from 3 years of hunting recently :nutty: .

So, being that your kind words has re-energized me...I am going to ask members on this board if they would ever consider meeting me at the site and I could work near or in conjuction with them.....I would even give them every Meteorite I found, except the first..as that would have sentemental value....And I would also go so far as to...challange (in a fun, kind of way)..that if your for example a dealer of Minelab Eureka or Fisher F75 or whatever you want to sell ...Meet me there..bring your product...ground balance it or tune it...and I hunt...if I meet with sucess and the product really finds the Meteorites and can distinquish between the hot rocks..you made a sale! Here is the fine print however...It's got to cost around $1500 or less...and you follow me vs me follow you, this to prevent the area from being salted.I also buy the machine I'm using vs a new one out of the box..as I have seen this happen before, that one machine can get great depth and another not..same brand same model :arrowheadsmiley: . I'm laughing to myself how funny this must sound and how silly it is..I can just picture a dealer saying look over here...I got here a half hour before you and placed 5 of them right where i asked you to look :grr01: .So, yes I am really curious to know if different Dectectors work better then another at GB site! P.s. I am also open to meet at Franconia..if that helps at all..or for all I know that site might be harder to work..Don't know ,nerver been there. Thanks all..Sincerely David

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Denny...Thank-you for your words of wisdom as well. I agree..slow down...listen for a faint tone and dig. When I got tired and lazy, I was walking out there like they were all just lying on the surface and I was just going to be luckey enough to find that magic spot!

Both you and Mikestang have told me the truth and the hard facts of "you picked a hard hobby" and "never give up, never surrender"! I am grateful to all on this board...and thanks for the encouragement!

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David, your story reminds me of another story I heard about St. Patrick. St. Paddy was running late for a St. Patrick's Day parade and he couldn't find an open parking spot. :barnie: All the spots were taken. :*&$*(: He pulled over and stopped, looked up to heaven, :rolleyes: and said "Dear Lord, if you can find me a parking spot I'll give up me Irish Whiskey and I'll go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life." :wubu:

Miraculously, a parking spot opened up right in front of him. :wee: As St. Paddy pulled into the parking spot, he looked up to heaven again and said, "Never mind. I found one." :hahaha:

The moral of the story is meteorites and gold nuggets are hard to find but they are out there. It looks like you've done your research and you got some great advice here. Heck, even THE MAN John B chimed in. If you keep at it you will succeed but you need to go out with the attitude that you WILL find that meteorite or that nugget TODAY.

I just happen to be at Gold Basin now. This is my 1st trip out here and I'll be thinking of John B's tips when I go out tomorrow.

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Hi David

You just got some very good advice from two of the best.

I've been there(GB) several times and came up zip, untill

I went west of the GPAA claim a week ago. Stuck to the

sides of the big wash, it was about 6" down along with

a hot rock. Got to dig them all and check the hole. BTY

it was my first!!

Good Luck!!


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David some detectors are more sensitive to hot rocks and ground mineralization. Thats why you see a lot of the guys using minelabs. You will still pick up some hot rocks but they will sound a little different. Search the hard spots under the brush and cactus that others may have passed by. The joy of the hobby is in the search. It's just a bonus when you find something. Don't forget there is gold in that area also.

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I again want to Thank-you ALL for your kind words. I really love this site and the people who post. Please all of you, read the list of responces to my original post..you will read wisdom and words of support and encouragment, However, here is the amazing part, the reply's don't have to be read as if one is looking for a GB Meteorite..they can be read as a road map to use in one's every day life....Some serious good Zen wisdom on the web-site.

I also will follow through on my part.....

I will not give up.

I will hunt the steep area's and under and around the bush.

I will dig everything

I will go low and slow

I now realize it's the journey that counts, not the destination

I will go west of the GPAA Campsite (don't know where that is exactly...but SUPER CONGRATS ON FINDING YOUR FIRST GB Herb!)

I will have a positive attitude


So, please wish me well and give me some time....it may be a month, it may be next Fall...but it will happen!

Let it be written...Let it be done!

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I want to make something very clear some one can set up a detector and grond balance it but you need to understand how to ground balance your machine and do it offten, like at least every 20 min At Least., The big screemers are gone, So you can dream, But no need for halucinations, We work hard we get banged up.we get tougher and we get better, It takes time intestinal fortitude and more time, there is alot of gold out there so you want to dig it all. It can help pay for fuel .Gold is around 52 bucks a gram Gold Basin metiorites are a buck a gram tops. so you will be paying a lot more than that to find one yourself, Oh and tuning out hot rocks not all of them No Way no how unless they dont tune the detector correctly, Buyer beware, I would stick with Bill if you want advice on those good luck and relax enjoy were you are OH and watch out for snakes ,I hate it when i step on one it can make you stain your shorts,

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A completely flat square mile would have 25 millon square feet therein...nobody will ever cover every square foot of the Gold basin Strewn Field...two or three trips ago I parked in a very well worked area, walked about 50 feet and found a nice little 20 grammer and then worked down the edge of a steep slope and found a5-10 gram fragment...

If you have not tuned your detector correctly you may not find a meteorite...especially if you are using autotune or auto ground balance...


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Your idea of trying near the helicopter refueling station isn't such a bad idea -- but don't expect to find whoppers. There still are some tiny pieces there -- as well as very small gold and a liberal sprinkling of junk.

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All these Ol Codgers are settin ya straight.

#1 Don't give up !!!!!!! Keep on swingin till yer arm falls off or asleep from numbness !! OR yer knees get weak from climbin those hills.

#2 Ground balance OFTEN. Well O.K. ya say but when is OFTEN ??? I do it ALL the time and I really don't have to do it so OFTEN.

BUT it CAN make the difference of hearing a signal and NOT hearing one.

AND NOW FOR MY NEXT TRICK,....... I AM referring to your original post at the top of this page you have it numbered " #5".

Gold Basin is MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE. I have seen 100's of others at the basin searching for the past 7 years. I also witnessed 2 I hunted with who never returned home in those 7 years.

The basin is at its best in the deepest part of summer in my opinion.

Well hell ya can't even unzip yer fly an have a go at watering the bushes in the summer without the flys an bees tryin to get into your trousers. And thats when they leave yer face neck an arms tryin to drink yer sweat.

It seems you need a "guide". Thats a high class term for people like me. A guide I ain't. I'm just another fellow that gets a good feelin in the heart when I try to help out another buddy thats havin trouble reachin his goal.

I enjoy seeing the "glint" in a persons eye when "they did it".

So to add to this post I'll give ya my answer to your question #5.

P.M. me and we'll have a chat I can arrange meeting up with you one day in the near future and maybe just maybe I'll get ta see that "glint" I spoke about in YER EYE !!


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David, jump on Frank C's offer with both feet! When he gives you the "pointy finger" it's just a matter of time till you score. Hey Frank, gimme a holler when you go I'll join ya.

Terry Scott

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