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Are all the desert flowers blooming?

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Could/would anyone in the 29 palms, yuma or Kingman areas tell me if all the yellow flowers are blooming, starting to bloom or have finished blooming?

I am finished with my wife's kitchen remodel and I am ready to go play...again.

I am very allergic to evry yellow flower out there so if you can tell me I can plan around the pollen...



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Hi Fred,

Just got back from a few days in the Dale. The hillsides are a beautiful hue of green and some of the cactus are starting to bloom. The occatillo are a beautiful dark green with the red tops just about ready to burst open. As far as the yellow flowers which I believe are on the creasote bushes, they have not started to bloom yet but won't be long. One of my partners did mention that his hay fever was bothering him a little. The weather was postcard perfect with just a little breeze.

I was also in Gold Basin last week and it was pretty much the same way, the barrel cactus and Occatillo were starting to bloom and were very pretty. Being a little higher in elevation I thik GB is just behind the Dale as far as desert blooms. A wonderful time to be in the desert southwest.

The most awesome color in the desert any time of year is the color GOLD and it was out in both locations.

Best of luck,


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Thanks Guys! I agree, desert flowers are beautiful...but when I am sneezing, wheezing and rubbing my itchy eyes and crying full-time...they lose their charm...

I guess i will have to go to find out if the pollen is too much for my delicate senses...


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Even up here in the Bradshaws my sinuses are full and my eyes feel like there is sand in them all the time. The few cactus that are on my property are blooming as I write this and have been for the last week. Buying stock in the maker of SudaFed! :grr01: My allergies have really come back strong this year. Last few years back in NH they seemed to be in 'recession' but this is like when I was a kid and had no energy to do anything other than to breath until 'pollen season' is over.

Mike F

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