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Another Stewart Valley Dry Lake Fragment

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Hey Guys, Finally found a Stewart Valley Dry Lake meteorite fragment on Friday March 30. It was my third trip to the lake since Jason told me about it a couple of years ago. Thanks Jason!!! See Jason's post below on Stewart Valley Dry Lake finds with Dolan Dave Feb 26, 2012. My first time out to the "dry" lake a couple of years ago I got my car stuck in the mud with my daughter; had to call for help (oh well). Hunted that time, and hunted one other time and found nothing, but some tiny maybeites. This time I had 2 hour hours hunting in using the magnet stick, and gave up, and start out with the Gold Bug 2. I found one 9 gram frament in about 20 minutes burried about 1-2 cm down. The fragment was pretty loud and sticks to the magnet quite well, better than a Gold Basin for the size, but less than a Franconia. I kept hunting for anouther 5 hours and nada, no matter what the search technique zone-grid-drunk'n sailor-ESP-divine intervention-divining rods-(should have tried over the sholder marble toss). Anyway, the pics are below. The top of the pic between the finger tips shows the oldest part of the fussion crust and to the left; the lower part of the fussion crust edge has been ablated. One can see the fine light colored silt in all the cracks were the merteorite was on it's way to fragmenting further. Oh yeah, brough the dogs while it's still cool enough. Yo quiero meteorite! Good Hunting!! Clifton




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Congrats Clifton,

Was it pretty windy? Nice piece, the meteorites there are pretty old compared to a lot of meteorites. Watch out for abandoned cars in the middle of the lake.


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Thanks Steve and Frank, Yeah Dave I went out on Friday so the wind were light about 10 mph from the South. I have been using the NOAA site forcast at this link http://graphical.wea...rs/vef.php#tabs . I saw that the weekend was really going to blow. Use the mouse to hover over the the wind speed and direction or other at the various times. The 12 hrs advancing is at the top of the column. The forcast is usually pretty good at 3-4 days out. Clifton

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