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Guy panning gold attacked by lion and saved by bear

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Pesky A$$ cats and bears ain't gonna stop me from prospecting, here, just pour a little sause on it and I'll be fine, see, good as new, been back to that spot 3 times already. I'ain't afraid of no stinkin mntn. lion. Kindly old Mrs. bear's got my back. GOOD bear! Now thats the kind of American "can do" attitude that inspires us all. That feller's alright in my book! :thumbsupanim

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Only in Kalifornia............The greenies love those kitty kats here and now you can't shoot em. Even the bears hate em as they compete in the food chain. Did you hear about our recent bout with the Dept. of Fish and Game Commissioner. He hunted a cat out of state where it was legal and was just about thrown out of his position by our legislators. Next you will not be able to hunt legislators.... what's next..Jerry

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