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Looking for a good place to sluice - Mariposa, Ca

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Hi there. I'm going out with my sluice box this weekend and was wondering if anyone might have any tips on where to go. My goal is to find at least one gram over the weekend, any advise would be appreciated...thanks!

Need to fill these vials up!


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Hey Mariposa I agree with Vini. I've been to Briceburg and they have very nice campgrounds. The Gold is Good, although the Merced River might be a lil high.

Try the banks, should be good.

Pictured a Lil Bit of what I got.

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Could very well be 50 years ago as have many pix/movies of life in Bagby starting in 56 which was OMG 56 years ago?? Yep gold is a addiction that never leaves ya---EVER. The steps to our house is all that's left a town across the river from the parking lot sad sad sad-John

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That was dredging with a 4 inch dredge took us all day to get 5 feet down due to large 100-200 pound boulders, back in primitive area thru the back gate at Bagby .

I guess we cant even use high bankers there anymore some reason merced irrigation who runs bagby doesn't want use using them, i haven't confirmed that yet with the ranger but will.

you could go down to briceburg and work under some boulders but there are claims down there still maybe find out where the public dredging areas are and work there or down by campsites .

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Dam foundation is the last remnants of Benton Mills. John Freemont,father of kalif, married Bentons daughter and was given the claims. Later the Specimen Queen. Actualy was the Queen of the motherlode as biggest producer at the time and more gold total produced than any other mine in the motherlode. Freemont was thanked by the feds by being chained hand and foot and force marched all the way back east to washington to trial. Which I believe he won??? Senior moment. So anyhow thats his reward from the government for giving the US kalif all tied up nice and pretty as a new state,chains and shackles. His last remnent was the beautiful stone house he hand built on the Specimen Queen placer claims down river from Bagby---WHICH that ol'sob BLM Johnson blew to pieces with some leftover dynamite from blowing up a miners cabin he didn't want on "HIS" area . They packed it full and blew to smitherens---albeit sure po'd the historical society as was under review for national historical site classification. The punched the new 49 hiway through my uncles claims ,took 16 acres,millsite,tunnels and all and my uncle got a whopping $36----dam'm all to LL---John

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