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Hello to all, thus I appear: I am Jérôme alias jdc-meteorite.

I am a collector fascinated in the field of meteorites since my childhood (and the space also).

When I saw that your forum possessed a space dedicated to my passion, I did not hesitate to join !!!!

I created a Website on meteorites and on space at this address : http://jdc-meteorite.e-monsite.com/ (I suppose that he will interest you ;)

Well, I think of having said to everything to you, I hope that I could integrate into your charming "community" !

See you soon !

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Salut JDC

bienvenue sur le forum je suis tombé sur vous au cours de la RSE, à titre de courtoisie au projet de loi et d'autres sur le forum tu pourrais poster quelques images et dites-nous ce que vous avez certains membres ici n'ont toujours composer et qu'il prend trop de temps et d'autres n 't tiens à cliquer sur les liens externes, mais amusez-vous ici les membres sont un grand bouquet. Votre site est superbe

Vive Johnno

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Merci Johnno ! / Thanks Johnno !

The meteorite of Toulouse is a chondrite H6 :

April 10, 1812, to 20 hours, a meteor lights up the sky in the Toulouse region. The frightened witness attending the fall of several stones, attracted by a loud bang and a bright light in the atmosphere.


(photo taken from : expositions.foxoo.com)

Fragments are collected by farmers in the hours and days. Soon, this exceptional phenomenon arouses the interest of leaders and men of science.


(photo taken from : encyclopedia-of-meteorites.com)

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I did something insane on the site!!!!!! The black background (which is behind the text) is 50% transparent !

There is therefore an improvement in the readability of content that can also see the beautiful background image of the site! I searched for 2 hours to find it :)

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A picture, on the internet, of you standing in front of a picture of you, on the internet. Too funny! Now you need to stand in front of your monitor and take a picture of you with the internet picture of you infront of you on the internet in the background. :)

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On the Blog of the website : http://jdc-meteorite.e-monsite.com/blog/nouvelles-meteorites-dans-ma-collection-2.html

Hi all,

new meteorites have just arrived in my collection :



KG 104 of 11.50 g, individual oriented


DAG 749 (CO3) de 1.20 g, slice


Dhofar 007 (Cumulate Eucrite) de 0.82 g, slice

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