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Studmuffin.....this ones for you!


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Ok...after making me drool all over my keyboard with your last few posts I figured I would return the favor :P

Heres some I found a couple of months ago somewhere in Az. (just cant remember where) hmmmm

Little over 2 oz. Big one is 1.27 oz.

Put your bib on and enjoy. :)

Guess I will have to start eating Paydays if I want to find the real big stuff.

Tom H.


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awesome finds...and happy you had a worthwhile outing.

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Tom,

WoW, I hadn't seen that nugget, that's sure is a beauty! I do love Almond Joy's :thumbsupanim almost as much as Payday's :D Thanks for sharing... congrats! :wubu:

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Coconut gets stuck in my teeth :D

Well you don't have to worry Adam because that's not coconut. That's goldconuts. :hahaha:

Very nice gummer!


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