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Kudos to Kevin at Minelab

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I e-mailed Minelab to find out if the Safari could find gold nugget's. In a few days I got this responce back from Kevin. IMO this is a top notch company to deal with. And the video about the Eureka Gold was excellent. I suppose some of his tips could apply to other detectors as well. I especially liked the tuning or tone part of the video linked below as I have very bad ears.

The video was so good, I actually thought I was there with him. Very good info here!


Thank you for your email and excellent question. I wish the answer were simple. Minelab has always built our detectors in categories meaning that we place special attention into creating the best machine for each of the three series that we build for. Treasure machines such as the Safari are designed to have the ultimate performance for coin, relic and treasure hunting (CRT) and have a certain level of built in discrimination and ground balance. The FBS units use the technology to perform these task hand in hand making it an excellent CRT machine but when it comes to the highly mineralized soils known for nugget hunting there are better options.

Ground balance is the key to successful nugget hunting and we build our gold series to accomplish this with little to no discrimination. The only discrimination you will find on any Minelab gold machine if for ferrous iron junk. And on Minelab gold series detectors the ability to ground balance and the iron discrimination are two completely separate functions.

Now with that said there have been a number of people that have used the FBS machine in all metal with lowered sensitivity to prospect. You will have to match the sensitivity to the ground you are detecting and slow down your coil speed to allow all of the process to take p[lace allowing the best return from the ground that is possible. Here is a video link that will help you in understanding setting sensitivity to the ground you are hunting. Sorry, but it is a long video on the Eureka Gold but there are a number of things I talk about that are universal to all detectors. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfWnlngWxYI

I hope this helps.


Kevin D Hoagland

Director of Partner Development

Minelab Americas Inc .

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Hi all!

Very much liked the video. :wubu: However, when he used the tone control, he tuned it right out of my hearing range! I seem to have a notch in my hearing :cry2: . Later in the video, he adjusted it again, and then I could hear it! That is a nice feature. I liked his scoop too...of which I need a new one anyways!

If this video did not make you want to go hunting, you are sick and better take some drugs to get over that. :D


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Just to correct your title. It is NOT Kevin at Minelab. It should read: Kevin IS Minelab. He is the heartbeat of the company as far as we are concerned. He has to be the most knowledgable person on the planet concerning ALL things Minelab. Add to that his ability to take the most complicated things and explain them in terms that we can all understand. Knowledge and patience along with a unique ability to communicate.

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Tom ... I have to agree with you after talking breifly with him at the Mesa gold show and listening to him explaining stuff to those asking questions ... and then there are the videos ... he is a master at the art of metal detecting!

Mike F

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