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What pump for recurculating sluice?


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I was wondering what the cheapest pump I could use to make a recurculating sluice and have it reliable and enough flow. Somebody told me that I could get one for $35 but he didn't say what kind of pump or where to get it.

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The company is i boats and they are located in Draper Utah.

Their web site is iboats.com. They have 3 pages of bilge pumps with

prices from $15.00 and up.

On my small Gold Buddy recirculating high banker I use an 800 gallon

per hour 12 volt bilge pump. They have one called the seasense and it

is a good pump for $20.48 ,they also have several others in that range.

On my 10 by 48 highbanker I use a 2200 GPH made by Johnson. It puts

out more flow than I can use. I have to use a valve to divert the excess

water back to the tub,to get the correct flow.

I am also in Utah,and I hope this will help. If you have any more questions

just ask.

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Thanks for the info, I have a keene a52 sluice I believe is 10 by 48. I would like the pump to be 12volt so I could set it up in the desert. Sawmill is your 2200 gph johnson pump 12volt and also wouldn't it be easier to buy a smaller pump than having to put a valve in to divert excess water, or do you do it that way in case your using it as a highbanker and need the extra power for pumping the water a longer distance. And also how long can i expect a pump running on a car battery to last before recharging. that's all the questions I can think of but sawmill you say your from Utah, Have you much gold at all or do you travel out of state to prospect. Thanks Adam.

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Hello Adam

Sometimes more is better,when it comes to pumps and sluices.

Yes I need the extra pumping capacity when pulling water from a

stream,or when using the spray bar,to break up clay. Yes the pump

is 12 volt,and I have ran it two days on a 12 volt battery without

recharging. The valve setup is actually simple and an important part

of a good recirculating sluice or high banker.You can fine tune the

flow rate for the best recovery in different situations. I also have a

gas powered pump for the high banker too.

It is easier to work with more water,than it is to work with not enough.

You could probably get by with a 1600 GPH pump ,but the price difference

isn't enough for me to try one. My sluice has been customized for some

extreme desert conditions,and I can run for days on very little water and

keep the water clean. The valve set up plays a big part in that too.

I have mining claims in Arizona,but I also prospect in Utah and other places

too. Utah has a lot more gold than most think. Most is fine gold,but there is

a place or three that produces nuggets! :brows:

Here is a little trick that may help recover that fine gold where you are.

Classify your sand down to 1/8 or 1/16 size before running. Use dawn

dish washing liquid in your water,and run less flow,or less angle. The key

is to give the fines enough time to settle,without getting blown out the end.

Also the reason for classifying is to keep the bigger material from displacing

the smaller size gold,and clogging your riffles.

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Thank you, you've made it very clear the benefits to the bigger pump. 2 days on a single charge is great. I take it you don't want to use the one out of your car:) I have heard of some nice nuggets comin out of Park City, and also Eureka in big mines that are owned and closed. and some smaller nuggets in Crescent Creek and Amasa vallery, and one rumored to come from the mouth of American Fork canyon. I would love one of those. I added some miners moss ontop of the lower half of the carpet on my sluice and use the soap for panning the cons but not while it's in the river. Maybe I should stir every bucket up with water and a drop of soap then run over sluice. I have been classifyng at 1/4inch for sluice then have really small classifier for cleanup. Thank you for the information this is really helpful. Thanks again.

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