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I'm going out Thursday!


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C'mon ADAM, Lysergic Acid Dithalimide, or somethin like that !!!!!

NO really don't you know Bill S's and Uncle Rons stompin grounds ??????

Lysergic Acid Dithalimide? :cool: Why am I not surprised Frank?! :hahaha: And here I am thinking I'm probably the only guy on here that has enjoyed Orange Sunshine on the Little San Domingo.. :evil1:

OH! Good Luck and Big Gold Justin!

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at the basin it is an awesome specimen with quartz and a couple dark iron looking spots. By far my best piece. I should sell my detector cause I'm never going to do better than that.

Don't be foolish , if ya sell it youll never find another just like it :cry2:

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Nice gold, Justin...BTW, I beeped the LSD Wed., .... Yep, no gold there! :hahaha: ... Just red dirt, gray dirt and hot rocks! :rolleyes: ... Cheers, Unc

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Go figure.... I got skunked ol well that just means more for next time! Frank I have a gp 3000 and was using a 16 round double d. The halfer was about 8 inches down on the side of a hill. I also found a half gramer on the same hill. The funny part was there were dig holes within a few feet of the monster....

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