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Interest Meteorite Article about Folks I never Heard of

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I beleive the last name has been spelled a little different in this article. You have definitely heard of these guys. Greg is a regular here in my neck of the woods. I have never met him but he is quite familiar at 100 yards through the trees.

Take that "D" out of there and ruminate on it for a few minutes.

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It is an interesting article but I think they mispelled the brothers last name. Should be Hupe.

I remember the guy from Colorado selling fakes, lunar fakes. What a nut job he is. Telling the police that Blaine Reed -one of the most prominent dealers in the USA- that he doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to identifying meteorites..... :nutty::grr01: And they should listen to him for advice on meteorites instead..



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