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I think I would enjoy slicing and polishing as a hobby. Wonder what kind of polishing compound they use and what kind of blade....hmmm.


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Rimshot ... You can start your new hobby with a 'tumbler' .... Depending on the grit ... aka medium ... you use you can take some rough stones and smooth them out for surprisingly eye appealing if not valuable pieces. I'm sure others can take this further for you ... El Dorado, on this and other forums, could probably point you into a direction with the type of equipment you might need. You might try a PM to him.

Mike F

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Rimshot I would suggest you join a gem and mineral society. Generally most clubs teach slabbing and cabbing. I belong to Motherlode Motherlode Mineral Society in California. We teach classes at the local community college. In our classes you can learn to use rock saws, cabbing machines, faceting, and gold and silversmithing to include casting. If your local club does not offer courses then you can generally receive instruction from a local member. Rock and Gem Magazine offers equipment for sale and I find a lot on Craigs List by punching in lapidary in the for sale catagory. There are a good number of rockhound field trip sites in Texas, especially in west Texas. Most clubs have field trips and have annual gem and mineral shows. Hope this helps. Jerry

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