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Met a gentleman yesterday who has lived here all his life and has family and personal claims in a very well known area. I was telling him that one day I would love to get permission to detect the famous Big Gun claim in Michigan Bluff. He said that will never happen and no one will ever be able to look for gold on those claims again. Why? An enviromental group purchased the claims. Then they put in a few ponds... OK seems normal. But here is the catch, they stocked the ponds with the red legged frog. An endangerd species...... pretty much eliminated any further mining there and if the frogs spread there goes the adjacent areas too.

Let's have a discussion about this. maybe some great ideas can come about to stop this crap. The person I was talking too, said he thinks an idea would be to get as many of the certain garter snakes that love red legged frogs and introduce them to the area.

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The only natural predator of the red legged frog is the red necked frog hunter.

I honestly don't believe that anyone is going to trap a bunch of snakes and release them. A neat fantasy but not realistic at all.

Why not just eliminate the frog from the ponds? That is simple enough and a lot more doable than trapping snakes and such. If it is public land then go camp out at the ponds and I bet your scheme will take shape. If a fellow wanted to he could make it very difficult for them both on the ground and within the system.

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Bull frogs are the answer! Also noticed that these RL frogs are tastey!

Then it is Red Legged Frog legs for the Red Necked Frog Hunter.

Bullfrog minnows are pretty easy to come by in large numbers. A lot easier than herding snakes for sure. And as a game animal (I am assuming Califaztlan has a bullfrog season?) you may be able to hunt those ponds and gig, grapple, bait and pole those bullfrogs and invite the WEG's to a frog fry on the banks of the ponds.

Maybe you could convince Game and Fish to let you hunt with a vacuum dredge?

Wild Earth Guardians have bought a lot of land and hold a few mining claims as well. I know they can really piss someone off but then if they are willing to shell out the bucks for private land or mineral rights then they are the boss. Just like anyone who has deeded land they can do whatever the heck they like as long as it is within the law. On public land what an individual does is an entirely different ball game.

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A couple of the things that I noticed about these eco groups -- and there are LOTS of them -- is that they all have web sites and all the sites have "Join Now" and "Donate" buttons. It seems that most have a full time staff, including attorneys.

Who wouldn't want to save the planet? Given the fact that PT Barnum was correct, my guess is that these web sites have turned into ATM's.

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Yep, Bull Frogs work work for sure.

They Bread like rabbits and even eat birds!

How did they build the Ponds?

Devert Stream water?

Bet they broke the law doing it some how.

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We have a huge population of Leapord Frogs in New Mexico. If'n you have ever fished for one with a red lure or a red rag on a treble hook you have learned to laugh your "behind" off! A little one will bite the lure and a bigger one will swallow the little one! Or you will have four or five in the water looking at the lure with their eyeballs just above the surface and one from right out of nowhere will come along and bite it and get the whole flock of frogs jumping at it fighting each other over it.

Silliest darn amphibians that I have ever seen.

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