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Guest Gripper

If you have a claim on USFS land you should read this.


This is the most current version I was able to find, but let me know if you have found something newer.

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Your link is not working.. this is better, but I do not understand your point about this FSM.



Unless i'm mistaken your link isn't the document Gripper is referring too, your link leads to 2830 which is dated 1990, not 2810 which is dated 2007, I couldn't find a link for the document online, but I did find a link that will download it as a Word document to your computer.


Click on the link on the search page posted above and the document will download to your computer, if anyone has a link so you don't have to download the document it would make it easier for those that hesitates to click on any downloadable links if they feel it will harm their computer, I didn't have any issues with the download, but do so at your own risk.

The document is very long or I would've copied and pasted it in this topic.


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I have several docs downloaded refering to gov't regs, etc.

What is so special about this one?

I'd like to know the jist of your post before I decide whether to check it out or not.

After all, It could be a recipe for Skunk Stew, of which I'm not interested.

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Gripper and All

Gripper your name is not mud. Some of the guys are just leery of opening a

link that doesn't work right. Several have had bad experiences and computer

problems before.

I am not much of a computer jockey myself,and have trouble posting links and

some types of information.

OK for the record,the information that Gripper was trying to provide,is legitimate,

and just like he said,of great use to Forest Service claim owners. It is the most

current too,nothing has changed . The document is 2800, 2810 is just a sub part.

It is available on the Forest Service web sites,or at the ranger stations on request.

It is just the Forest Service version of laws,rules ,and regulations,regarding mining

claims in detail,on National Forest land. It is good information to know,and Gripper

was just trying to be a helpful member of the forum.

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You're not mud, Gripper!

All I ask is that when someone makes a post with a link, that they give some type of a description as to what the link contains. Give me a reason to look.

Too many times ya see somethin like this:

"Hey, check this out." No explation, just a link. That doesn't entice me in the slightest.

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