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Anyone seen this before....

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Anyone see this before, just found the site interesting as well as customer feedback.... I always seem not to be able to find anyone that has had success with LR detectors and if you have I would love to hear about it....


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A lot of fellows want to believe in that stuff relly badly. I know a sweet ol' feller, Bill, that was taken for over $50K on a bogus detector. When he died he left it to me. It was nothing but crap on the inside of a box screwed to the side of a really nice Honda generator. I took all the stuff off the generator and threw it away and I use the generator on my little camper sometimes.

I watched the guy demonstrate it with an ounce of gold in my pocket that he never got a signal on. Then we took it out and found several "locations" where he said there was gold bars, silver bullion, etc.etc. :nutty: :nutty: Then he said it would locate caves within 10 miles but he could not locate the cave we were very close to.

After a couple of hours of this crap I let him know I was not impressed and told my buddy I thought he was a crook straight up. Bill was crestfallen and a little put out with me. He really wanted to believe that this machine could find the treasure he had been looking all his life for.

It wasn't but a couple of years until ol' Bill's wife died. A couple of years after that he wasn't thinking straight any more and ran into that guy again trying to sell the detector. He didn't even recognize the dude or remember we had spent the day with him a few years before. He wound up giving him a pile of money for that bogus detector and dying a year later.

A lot of old timers that want to find gold but just can't anymore are duped by these machines. The guys selling them are taking advantage of old timer's hope and that should be punishable by a butt kicking.

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I agree with Jason. There's simple no scientific principal that would allow someone detect objects buried from a distance using these LRL's. I've had quite an arguement with some guy that manufactures these on another forum- Dell Winders.. Always seems to have a rational explanation which is a lot of bunk.... If anything has been found supposedly using one of these LRL's , there's another reason....

Now maybe some day, they will be able to come up with a super sensitive instrument of some type that will help find objects from afar. But what they are peddling these days is nothing but fraud...


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Indeed and I have been on a quest of sort to find just one real breathing human to say "Hey I used one and here is my big find" Still these things are out there for sale in many forms and this one looks like a calculator with a box and antenna....

So again I ask have you found anything with your LR detector? If so I would love to hear the story.

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I do know men who swear by dowsing and have plenty of nuggets to show for it. And I have seen water lines dowsed successfully many times.

If detectors like the one advertised do work, they are facilitating a person's natural ability to dowse, or giving them some sort of confidence that may facilitate that power. I dont beleive the machines are in themselves capable of finding anything at all.

If any of the "long range" machines that I have seen can find gold, so can a pair of brazing rods or some motorcycle spokes bent over.

We all go by our "gut feelings" when detecting and when we blindly stumble upon a nugget patch we like to say it is our geological genius that led us there. Or our uncanny ability to sniff out gold. Or our ability to dowse. Or whatever. The fact is that anyone with any machine that spends enough time in gold country looking is going to find a little gold. Spend a lot of time and you are going to find a lot more. And anyone that buys the best equipment (whether functional or not) and does not use it is going to find zero gold. If the bogus detectors get a guy to actually get up off his arse and go outside and look then they have gone farther towards detecting gold than the finest metal detector in the world.

A friend of mine found a handfull of nuggets with a GBII that was gutted and the power supply clipped to the lobes of his ears. Did the detector function? No. Did the prospector find gold? Yes. Did the detector facilitate in the finding? Yes. Was it the "proper" echnique to prospect the area? Evidently so, it was a better day than I have ever done with a functioning machine. So I suppose that there is a little more magic to a beeper than we may be willing to admit, and a little more logic to the magic wand than we can accept as well.

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I have always been amazed at the uncanny intuition (or whatever we choose to call it), that some people have.

We probably all have it to some degree but some folks seem to be more in sync with it.

There are several people I hunt with who I have personally seen find gold in unorthodox and very "magical" ways.

Some have been pretty funny too; this is a story that was told to me and I am not sure I can retell it well, but it is illustrative;

Two friends were detecting together on a hillside.

"A" had been working a very small area - maybe twenty feet square- on the edge of some heavy bushes for

about half an hour. He said he was being extra careful to cover the spot because several nice pieces of gold had come

from the immediate surroundings and the ground looked exactly like what this friend was methodically working.

With him was another friend "B" who was hunting in the most opposite way possible; wandering randomly, waving the detector

haphazardly, zig-zagging all over the place.

"A" would see "B" come up from the left and walk bye, minutes later he'd go bye from behind him going in the other direction,

very very random hunting.

At one point "B" walked up to where "A" was carefully working a tiny area and said "hey what are you doing you been here

quite awhile, any luck?" "A" said "no luck so far."

With that, seemingly for no reason, "B" stuck his detector into the bush on one side of the tiny patch,

the detector went off big time.

He immediately dug up a nice size nugget and continued zig zagging away up the hillside.

We all get a big laugh out of that episode every time it comes up,

but it seemed to illustrate something like what BB is talking about.

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I have dowsed for water and sewer lines and have not had a problem finding them. As for gold I have never tried dowsing for it and I am skeptical that it would work.

The LR detectors are a complete scam. I have seen one in action or should I say lack of action. I have never talked to anyone other then a salesman that says they have found anything with one.

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