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Picked up another shooter

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At first when he brought it out I thought it was a Smith & Wesson Mdl 36, but it wasn't.

It was a INA , Never heard of it but did some checking.

INA stands for Industria Nacional De Aarms and is a Brazilian copy of the S&W J-frame double-action 5-shot revolver, w/2" bbl, .38 Special, fixed sights, all blued steel, These were made in the 60's for the Brazilian Air Force and Police Detectives

How this one got to the US as there are not to many here, plenty of them in Brazil from what I've heard. Origionally sold for about $50.00 back then

The guy wanted $100.00, no problem, I bought it. It is very clean and in great shape and has not been abused and I can hit a 9" paper plate consistantly at 35' with it.

Got it loaded with 2 rounds of snake shot and 3 rounds jacketed 38's, easy to carry while out detecting.

Guns n Gold, can't get any better than that.



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Aloha Allen,

Now all you have to do is fit it with a nice pair of oversized Pachmyar grips and it will fit your hand like a glove. Personally them grips are a little small but with the Pachmyar grips you will notice a big change. Check out your nearest gun range/store and ask them about it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Aloha and stay well,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Here is what the USA made J frame S&W Model 36 that I own looks like. All blued 1.87" barrell, 5 shot .38S&W SPL. I carry this when prospecting. And yes ... 1st 2 rds are snake shot and last 3 are copper clad 158 gr ... nice carry weapon for all occasions.

Mike Fpost-314-0-60654000-1331176388_thumb.jpg

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Those little Brazilian revolvers come in all brands... RG, Rossi, and too many others to name. They are good little shooters but dont try to use the "+P" ammo in them. The crane lock is the only problem with them and you must insure that the cylinders are locked into the fame with the little axis pin. That is where things can get dicey with these guns.

The steel of the frame is not as quality as an S&W and it will burr a little in that hole that the axis pin falls into. Sometimes the pin does not engage the frame completely and a shot will cause the cylinders to fall open or sometimes the cylinders will open up when you draw. If you carefully chamfer that little hole just slightly and keep a dab of moly grease there you will never have a problem. Remember the steel is not too great so things will scratch and wear a lot quicker than an S&W. It'll get loose pretty quick if you bang away with it a lot but they make darn good little sidearms for not too many frogskins.

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Not what I would consider SNS ... My model 36 may be small but high quality manufacture and very much a functional and accurate self protection piece. Prior to the likes of the Kahr PM9 this gun was a gun of choice for a back-up to the larger standard issue .357 revolvers (Colt Python and S&W Combat Magnum aka: Model 19) prior to the new era of 9mm luger and .40 cal semi auto Sig, Glock and S&W pistols now carried by most police forces.

Just my 2 cents worth ... Mike F

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