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Minelab U.S.A. Repair/Service Center NO JOKE !!

frank c

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I'm going to make this as short as I can.

There have been numerous first hand reports for months about Minelab U.S.A. Service.

Most of them I have taken the time to read actually SCARED ME. They made me wonder to the point of having NIGHTMARES.

I wondered if I would ever have to ( depend ) on them if I had a malfunctioning detector.

In reality either a new or used purchase of a Minelab P.I. is , shall we say a major investment ?? !!!

After all they generally cost into the thousands of dollars either way new or used.

The statements made throughout many posts I had read left me thinking, Wow !! I not only have to worry about getting a detector serviced but also (IF) they will service it.

Well I have a neighbor who I introduced into metal detecting hes come thru the ranks I started him off with a VLF which he still owns and then guided him into a used Minelab 3500 purchase. So after he had the 3500 for a while he detected his 1st decent nugget with it and thinks its the best thing since toilet paper.

Well even though I versed him multiple times on the dos an don'ts like having a power switch on when changing coils etc. He developed a problem with it.

I tried out the detector a couple times doing all the well maybes to it to find the problem like changing to a known good coil , batt. lead wire, batt. checking connections etc. but could not get it to quiet down it would run out of control like there was tremendous interference going thru it.

So I told him , lets send it in and see what they say.

I did this for him boxed it up insured it and off it went.

Its funny I have to say at this point sending a Minelab P.I. off in a box is like sending yer baby away to go stay with Grandma or somebody or off to college , ITS A SAD FEELING.

Especially when you use it regularly and depend on it like I do.

Long story gettin shorter,.........We agreed to the initial costs of futher bench testing time. They diagnosed it, it was drawing too many amps and showed a live short circuit. Replaced a couple of parts, repaired it and shipped it back for a what I would call nominal fee.

All this within a few weeks time. May be less it might have been a couple weeks I really didn't keep tract.

Considering its age in the electronics world if it were a camera it would have been shelved or made a wall hanger maybe.

They also told us if it turned out UNREPAIRABLE there would be no mininum cost just return shipping.

Now my friend has learned a valuable lesson about making sure your detector is off when changing coils etc. I am not sure that was his problem but he seems to think it may have been, and he would know best about that !!!!@ :th:

Neither he or I have had the time to use it and check it out since it was returned a day ago but I am assuming now it is set to go.

Point in fact ,.... They had excellent communication at all stages of service with me. And as far as the outcome in this particular case they were up front and efficient

with both communication and service. From the 1st phone call I made to get a repair order number from them to send it in. Time consumed with all stages of this problem was minimal in my opinion and I would NOT HESITATE to send them anything I own now or in the future for them to check out and repair.

I believe I had spoken to a tech named "Darren" if my memory serves me. And he was in command of the whole senerio as it unfolded a very competent individual.

So heres another side of Minelab U.S.A. as reported to you from the horses mouth not butt !! :wubu: MINELAB U.S.A. :wubu:

I guess I have awaken from my many nightmares with a SMILE :D:thumbsupanim

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When I read your first line ,,,

" I'm going to make this as short as I can." :pop:

I thought ok, I have 20 minuits to read what Frank wrote,, LOL

Great post ! ,,,

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Who ever said you were a horse's mouth? :)

Good to hear it. I was unable to find my manual before taking my 3500 into the field this weekend and hope I didn't screw anything up. I didn't change coils with power connected or anything, but it wouldn't shut up after a while. I did flip a number of switches trying different things.

but it could just be the large coil - 16" -and close by (1/8 miles away) power lines.

I've not put the 9x14 back on, yet. it was quiet and dang deep with that sucker. found a pair of stainless tweezers at well over a foot down and a foot or so away.

also found a ton of slugs and other crap. my pick arm is more sore than my swinging arm!

Good to hear of your positive experience. seems their move to Vegas has netted good results all around.

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Frank ... Glad to hear you had the same great experience I had when I had to send my 5000 in for a similar constant pulsating noise. Darren was the tech who worked on mine too ... I believe mine is now better than new and is finding gold.

Glenn ... if you were that close to high tension wires and having troubles attaining a smooth threshhold next time put on a DD coil and run in Cancel ... be sure to have a test nugget with you to be sure you optimize the rest of the settings.If you don't have a test nugget take a 0.5g to 1.0g piece of bullet lead as a substitute. Be aware the larger coils will 'attract' more of the EMI than a smaller one. Don't be afraid to use the stock 11"DD coil ... it is a great coil in its own right.

Mike F

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It wasn't high tension/voltage lines. They were running to a house nearby.

I'll put the 9x14 back in and test again as it was quiet . Probably just a newbie (to PI) error.

I tell you what, though. I found one target that I thought was surely gold even after getting it out of the hole. wasn't until I scratched it that I saw the bright lead. talk about let downs. must be a musket ball or just a huge caliber projectile that hit with bullish impact. :)

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Fred ... You beat me to that one! ... I reiterate what Fred said! ... DIG EVERYTHING as you really don't know what you have until you see it in the hole or in your hand. Lead and gold sound so much alike that it is impossible to tell the difference 100% of the time.

Mike F

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