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I was quite surprised at the expense for these microwave kits...When you can get a $29 butane torch that will smelt it up just fine with a bone cuple... Cheers, Unc

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Chris Ralph, talked about microwaves in the ICMJ this month.

Me personally I learned how to PAN and use a Snifter Bottle and Magnet to Cleanup. And some times that was Half a 5gal buckets worth of Dredge Cons, at the end of a 10hr day.

Then like Unc, I would smelt it with a charchol briquette and some Bakeing Soda and 20 Mule Team Borax, with my CHEAP propane hand torch.

I always got 5-10% more at Toki's in North San Juan and the Gold Exchange in Nevada City in the Early 80's.

The higher price was due to the flux extracting out more of the copper and such from the raw gold and they didn't have to hit my gold with a torch to drive off the Hg.

May all your Pans

have as much Au in

Them as the First 49er's



Bill Adams

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I know they make microwave ovens for melting glass which requires a temperature of about 2500 degrees F so it's no surprise someone came up with the idea for melting gold. A little pricey but I suppose it would be good for melting the super fine flour gold.


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I've seen these setups at the shows. Big problem is , can you imagine the average person handling molten hot liquids in their residential enviorments.

Somebodys going to get burned real bad and possibly ignite the house along with themselfs.

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