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Pocket Mining - Mud Mining - Mariposa, Ca

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I've been reading an article from ICMJ Mag titled "Mud Men: Pocket Miners of Southwest Oregon" and was wondering if anyone knows of these type load deposits existing in Mariposa County. Are these Mud Mines similar to the Pocket/Crystalline mines in the Whitlock area such as the Diltz, The Colorado and The Mocking Bird Mine? If there's anyone out there with some knowledge on this topic please let me know, thanks!

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If you really want to learn about hunting fo pocket gold

you need to get on line and find

" The Elusive POCKET GOLD of South Western Oregon "


Tom Bohmker


How to Prospect for Pocket Gold


Vern H. Ballantyne

These two books will tell you all you ever need to know

on the subject.

Pocket gold can and is found anywhere gold in quartz is found

just hunt those areas. First you have to learn what to look for !


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Thanks for the books, I'm getting ready to order them sometime today. In these"mud mines" as they are sometimes called they say the the host rock has been know to be Argillite with a gold barring brick red clay layer that can have quartz with it but not always. I have this type of situation that I'm working right now and have found small gold, dust in the clay. The place I'm working is too dangerous to follow the seem back to see if it opened into a pocket at some point. The whole I go into is ready to completely collapse...I don't plan on going back in, but I have found this "Argillite" (as I think thats what it is) on the surface and it looks like the old miners where trenching. Anyone know of these type of mines in Mariposa?

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Just got the book from


Low freight cost as others were expensive to ship.

Good reading and just what I was looking for in my research.

My pocket was worked down to about 48", then hit orange flakey material followed by gray clay. Some crumbled coarse quartz vein going at 90° angle to the country rock.

Looking to rent a post hole digger to do some test holes now.

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Glad you found the book it's a good read. Try to find the other one

it has some information in it that Tom did'ent inglud in his; its not

much but every littlt bit of information is a big help. You can also

find some more information in I.C.M.J. back issues if you did a little.

Look at September 2004 March 2004 and if you look hard enough

there is some others that I can't remember right now. Just scan the

contents of all the back issues and you'll find a lot of information.

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