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Many years back before I converted to a colt 45 I used to carry a S&W model 19. 357 magnum as my duty gun. One of the best revolvers S&W made and still sought after today.

Well I come on a chance to get another one, a 19-4. Well after seeing it I tried not to drool to much as I was staring at a hard to find 19-4 with 2 1/2" barrel. and this one had the Hogue wooden grips on it. :ROFL:

I belong to one of the S&W gun forms and there are alot of people looking for this one and when they do come up for sale they are in the $600.00 to $700.00 range, but not this one and now it is all mine and it's in nice shape for being 35 years old. and it even came with a holster :wee: looks a little dirty now as I had to run right out and burn up a few rounds :thumbsupanim Supurb little shooter


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Nice piece to carry Allen....I also had to carry a 19 on duty for several years until they finally gave us a choice of switching to

the Glock 17.....I still have my 19-4 and the duty holster....

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Speaking of a shooter....

A New Record


Here is something that has been in the news the last few days. A British Army soldier by the name of Corporal Craig Harrison, of the household Cavalry, set a new record for the longest shot in combat. Twice. Cpl. Harrison fired two shots at Taliban machine gunners in Afghanistan . They were confirmed via GPS to be 8,120 feet from Cpl Harrison's position. That is 1.54 miles. More than a mile and a half. To make it even more astounding, the range was almost 3,000 feet beyond what is considered the effective range of the weapon. At that range the bullet takes around 3 seconds to reach the target.

The previous record was set in 2002 for a sniper kill at 7,972ft. That shot was made by Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong, of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, who was using a .50BMG McMillan TAC-50 rifle.


He accomplished this feat with the above pictured weapon, a L115A3 rifle. The weapon is manufactured by Accuracy International in Britain and is chambered in the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. This is significant because the previous two shots that held the world record were with weapons chambered for the .50BMG. The .338 is a cartridge designed for accuracy and power beyond the range of the older 7.62mm rifles. It has a much flatter trajectory, which makes the complex trigonometry problem of finding the right arc to lob the bullet onto the target much easier. It is one of several other "lighter" rifle rounds like the .300 Win Mag , .416 Barrett, and .408 CheyTac that have been designed with extreme long range shooting in mind. Of especial importance is the velocity past 1000 meters, the shape of its trajectory and how long the cartridges stay supersonic.

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare .338 is a bolt action, detachable magazine-fed, precision rifle. The rifle is about 15 pounds, unloaded and without optics. It can mount a variety of telescopic sights, laser designators, and night vision or thermal sights. In British service, it usually mounts a S&B 5-25x56mm day scope. The extra large objective lens size of 56mm gathers a lot of light, making shots possible in the dawn, dusk, or into the shadows. The L115A3 can also mount a suppressor, helping to reduce the report flash and dust from the powerful rifle. The barrel is free floated for increased accuracy and is fluted for strength and cooling without excessive weight.

You don't get all that performance cheap though. News reports put the rifle at around $25,000. But if you put it in the right hands and it can hit a sized target from 4500 feet. More importantly, even at extreme range, the bullet retains its power, hitting with more force than a .44 Magnum at 25 feet.

"It was just unlucky for the Taliban that conditions were so good and we could see them so clearly. We saw two insurgents running through its courtyard, one in a black dishdasha, and one in green. They came forward carrying a PKM machine gun, set it up and opened fire on the commander's wagon. The first round hit a machine gunner in the stomach and killed him outright. He went straight down and didn't move. The second insurgent grabbed the weapon and turned as my second shot hit him in the side. He went down, too. They were both dead."

Cpl. Harrison had a memorable tour of duty, making the two impossible shots, having a bullet deflect off his helmet, and surviving an IED blast that broke both of his arms. He is reportedly healing well, and has returned to duty.


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Score two points for the good guys! That was some fancy shooting. I have tried a few 1/2 mile shots before ... extremely tricky on a calm day ... almost impossible on a wind day or over rolling terrain. To think somebody has made 2 clean kills at 3x that distance blows my mind. I need more practice!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Mike F

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