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Well, Happy Ridge keeps on teaching me about gold

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Yo All ... I'd pretty well given up on good ol' Happy Ridge, but, darn, everytime I go out there I stumble on another little beauty...Last two days I got out there I got three more nuggets ... I'm learning how awesome that 4500 can cancel out that funky hot grey rock that can be so bad at the LSD ... One is the smallest possible dink I've ever gotten with a Minelab ... It's like half a grain, if that, and, although it was down at least 2 inches it sounded off really well on my new baboo 4500 and my Coiltek Joey Mono...I am extremely impressed with that coil ...I swear it performs as well as my Goldbug 2 with the 6" coil .. So here's mo' pix, including a family photo of everything from the Ridge so far ... Cheers, Unc






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Your in a good spot! Glad you got some yellow.

Im a rookie with a little experience....but....

I would NOT give up on that area.

Grid it with several coils. Then, scrape off the overburden...and hit it again.

Ive found as much as the initial find by doing this.

Call in some buds that you trust to sweep the area and give you a lesson. :) Ive learned

a lot that way. :)

None of us really know it all anyoo....

Good luck to you.

I hear ya about gold teaching us....It keeps teaching and im still learing.

Keep at it and let us know how it goes :)

Tom H.

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Good looking family you have there Ron ... Gramma, mom, dad and a whole parcel of kids ... prolic parents they are! Now go get Grampa ... he's a big um and buried deep! But he is there just waitin for ya! :)

Mike F

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Ya'll I've been using the Joey DD and Joey mono since they've been out....some of the guys here will go together and use

a garden hoe to rake back the ground where a patch is and since they don't know how to get the best setting on the GPX's

they take a new Fisher Gold Bug with the little coil and go over the patch to pick up the little ones.....then twice I've gone over

their patch (with them watching) first with the GP3000 and the second time with the GPX4000....both with the same Joey

mono coil and I pull out one or two more nuggets and they can't believe it..... .2 and .3 gramers.....they quit smiling side ways

and quit asking me to go over their patches.....

Flak I'm with you on the NF coils...I've used the larger ones with great success and would love to try their little one....

Unc Ron go back over that area with a Joey DD and see what you can find....if you've got bad ground there with a DD you

can run more gain....you know the drill....good hunting....

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Don ... I haven't personally tried the little NF 6x8 mono but the reports I have gotten have been very encouraging ... I'mstill finding all my little ones with the 8"Commander mono. Going to have to beg Chris to let me borrow a 6x8 for a "field test"! :)

Mike F

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