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Hi all. My name is Dan and I new to the form. And new to Metal Detecting for that matter.

My question is what can you tell me about head phones I should know?

Thanks, I so much have enjoyed this form and all I learned form you all.

Dan T.

PS Don't laugh, I going to post a pix of the first and only gold I have ever found with a metal detector.


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Dan, headphones are rated in "ohm impedence" and "decibel output." Of the two, decibel output is the most important, since it rates the "loudness" of the driver (cone and magnet asembly). As far as decibel output is concerned, the higher (louder) the better. I use Koss headphones with 103 decibel output (and 100 ohm impedence.). Next issue of importance: comfort. This, of course, is highly subjective, so before buying I recommend that you try on several different types. A thought: the earpads should be "breathable," not solid vinyl. Hope this helps; HH Jim

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Another note is some detector mfg's reccommend certain ohm impedence ratings to their detectors for best results.

There are all types available that can be used from seperate "buds" for the hot summer months to excellent transferrence of audio for the hearing impaired such as "Black Widow" model from Detector Pro.

Also 1 earcup design models "Rattlers" leaving 1 ear open to the elements , surroundings.

From "cheapies to the high cost extreme" wireless also.

Basically if the detector mfg. reccomends a certain ohm range thats a good place to start you search, then as Jim stated individual comfort and best sound reproduction to suit the individual rounding out the requirements.

And also external mini speakers can be either purchased or made up to suit your needs if earphones are not desireable at any given situation.

Again from cheapies to the expensive extremes.

Hapy Huntn

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