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Here is a portion of the law's wording should anyone think this is not serious.

Pat Clyne

8:37am Mar 1

Here is a portion of the Bill. Please read it carefully. It's one of the most hideous laws to prohibit private ownership in this country I have ever seen.

©Any person who offers for sale or exchange any object

106 with knowledge that it has previously been collected or

107 excavated in violation of any of the terms of ss. 267.11-267.14,

108 or who procures, counsels, solicits, or employs any other person

109 to violate any prohibition contained in ss. 267.11-267.14 or to

110 sell, purchase, exchange, transport, receive, or offer to sell,

111 purchase, or exchange any archaeological resource excavated or

112 removed from land owned or controlled by the state,

113 including state sovereignty submerged land, land owned by a

114 political subdivision as defined by s. 1.01(8), or land within

115 the boundaries of a designated state archaeological landmark or

116 landmark zone, except with the express consent of the division,

117 commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in

118 s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, and any vehicle or

119 equipment of any person used in connection with the violation is

120 subject to forfeiture to the state if it is determined by any

121 court of law that such vehicle or equipment was involved in the

122 violation. All specimens, objects, and material collected or

123 excavated, together with all photographs and records relating to

124 such material, shall be forfeited to the state. The court may

125 also order the defendant to make restitution to the state for

126 the archaeological or commercial value and cost of restoration

127 and repair as defined in subsection (4).

128 (2)(a)The division may institute an administrative

129 proceeding to impose an administrative fine of not more than

130 $500 a day on any person or business organization that, without

131 written permission of the division, explores for, salvages, or

132 excavates treasure trove, artifacts, sunken or abandoned ships,

133 or other objects having historical or archaeological value

134 located upon land owned or controlled by the state

135 including state sovereignty

136 submerged land, or land owned by a political subdivision as

137 defined by s. 1.01(8)

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I found this on that website:

Florida SB868 & HB591

The Task Force spoke with Pierce Schuessler (Legislative Affairs Director from the Florida Department of State)—apparently an older version of the bill was distributed within the metal detecting community where the words "all lands" were used. This error has been corrected.

The bottom line is the amendments to this bill are actually good. The problem they have is with people literally using heavy equipment removing dirt and sifting for Indian artifacts. Pierce was very clear that the updates to this law had nothing to do with metal detecting. It simply allows the laws that govern state land to now cover special tax areas or "sub divisions". If this bill does not pass, law enforcement can only ask people to leave and not prosecute them for tearing the land apart.

When you read this bill, it is important to understand that all text which is not underlined is the current law. Only the underlined text and crossed out text is the amended part of the bill. The current house version of the bill is dated 2/16/12 and its the same as the SB868. http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2012/0591

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Thanks El Dorado,

There has been no clarification of that point in Florida among the people who legislate against that bill that I am

in contact with.

This is a recent FB post from a Commissioner in Ft. Lauderdale who does not have the clarification I guess:

Commissioner John Sims Fort Lauderdale area. I've already written every Senator and the Governor, not that they care about what I have to say, but I let them know that I am an active MD'er and won't go away! I love my hobby! I say that eveyone concerned should write EVERY Senator and demand a no vote...http://www.flsenate.gov/senators/

There are other points in the bill that have the potential for wide latitude in interpretation

as far as artifacts go which includes detecting on the east coast of Florida for wreck artifacts that sometimes

have large value (escudo's, reale's etc.)

Those people who sent me this are sure there can be a much tighter interpretation for what Florida is trying to control.

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I am not sure but doesn't this somewhat mirror the federal laws covering finding antiquites? Also in Florida I believe the State issues permits for salvaging old wrecks around the Sabastian Inlet area such as the 1715 fleet wrecks. I know you can not go in the water there to detect but must stay on dry land because of these permits. I am not sure if this is the high tide mark or the low tide mark that determines metal detecting in the water. I just stay out of the water where ever it is.

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The more of this you guys post the more respect I gain for the few organizations and individuals able and willing to fight these laws before we really do get regulated out of existence....

We all need to pick one or more and try to help somehow, I do!

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This government is the most oppressive administration I have ever seen. The states are following in their footprints. There is a war going on in Kalifornia and Oregon against miners. In Oregon and California the forest service have been installing gates and blocking access to Federal mining claims they have even gone as far as confiscating equipment on claims calling it abandoned when the miners are not there. The sheriffs have banned together against the forest service to open roads and protect the miners from harassment. We are in a war to protect our rights on our public lands. Check out some of the posts on www.Oregongoldhunters.com to see what we are up against. A good group to join is Western mining alliance.com check it out. Bob

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys but I doubt we will win this fight or any other fights over individual rights now. The momemtum is against us. When 50% if the people don't pay taxes and want all their benefits and rights from the Govt and want to "distribute the wealth" and given they will out vote us now, all is not that good. Think it is bad on the Federal level, read closely all the regs being passed in the states and the counties and cities you live in. Oh yeah, watch what happens to gun rights after this guy is re-elected and he begins to put new Supreme Court justices in place. That is the real power of a President that only exists for 4-8 years but the damage lasts for 25 or more. At this time i see our only hope in controling the House and the Senate this time to try and stop him. But then again, are the other guys for us either????? I just don't know anymore who the good guys are. God, I'm depressed again. :*&$*(: BUT, don't stop fighting. At least if we go down let them know we were in the fight at least.

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I say I hope the next President! Will de-fund the EPA, and all the other greenies. A $4,000.000.00 project, cost $80,000,000.00 by the time they get done with inviro. studies. What a crock! Grubstake

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