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A Letter to National Geographic..

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Dear National Geographic,

As a metal detector hobbyist and professional with 35-years of experience, shame on you! “Diggers,” is a slap in the face to metal detector enthusiasts, portraying us all as baseball cap wearing yahoo’s, with an apparent IQ of 67.

Your show is already responsible for a growing backlash (see two examples below) that will impede my ability to enjoy my hobby, and possibly conduct my business as a metal detecting instructor.

I also noticed that the 30-minute show contained 12-minutes of advertising. I am going to write every one of those advertisers and explain to them just how disappointed I am in National Geographic, the show, and their backing of it.

I strongly urge you to take ‘Diggers’ off the air and restore dignity to National Geographic, and metal detecting.




Terry Soloman, COO

Arizona Gold Adventures Inc.




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I have yet to see the show. 1st episode is 3 weeks away.

Why all the hub bub?

DEvil advocate:

YOu have a house and land that you( andmaybe a bank) own.

YOu want to grade the back yard and terrace it a bit( it's hilly).

Work starts, but,unbeknownst to you and the excavation/landscape contractor, your backyard is the site of an ancient village. Pottery shards, charcoal, arrowheads,jewelry etc., start kicking to the surface, some items quite undamaged and rare.

What do you do?

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The same thing you and your contractor would do.

The first two episodes of Diggers aired last night. It has no basis in reality whatsoever, and is structured to sell advertising to 35-55 year-old white males with a High School diploma. This is not an argument about archeology vs treasure hunting. This is about a backlash that will lead to more regulation.

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You would:

1. ... pocket the trinkets, artifacts and not tell a soul. YOu also payoff the contractor and tell him to keep quiet .

2. ....stop work and call the local university antiquities dept to notify them of your findings. FOr the next year they're in limbo( as is your project) while they put together an archeology team. The city needs to oversee the scope of this work, as well,( once it does start) so that will cost ya...

3.. You call the Diggers show...

4._________________________________________________________________( fill in the blank)

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Come on Weav! I have stated my opinion, with which you disagree. I got it it. I have found a lot of 'stuff' over the years that even I don't know where it came from, and none of it ever made it to cable TV. Gold Rush Alaska, Diggers, Bearing Sea Gold - to me, it only hurts us. Just an opinion, not an argument. Peace Bro.

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If there is interest in those kind of television shows then there is public interest in the subject matter. So in that respect it is a good thing.

Whenever there is an interest someone is going to capitalize on it. I think the same demographic that would watch the show would probably be doin' business with you wouldn't they Terry? (I know I am making some broad assumptions about your business and clientele, but that was my experience when I was doing "prospecting adventures" back in the mid 80's anyway. Maybe it creates some perspective?).

If the publicity of this new flock of shows is bad for us, then what image would we portray? And why can't we use the same momentum that fuels these shows to our advantage? If it is selling on National Geographic why are we not the ones with our faces in the camera telling it like it is? If shows like these are getting Neilson ratings and Nugget Shooter is getting hits from prospectors all over the world it shows the people are interested.

Why dont you write the National Geographic and the producers of all the other shows and offer some assistance? I am sure that criticism is something that will only go as far as the first wastepaper container. Adventure is selling on television much faster than it is out in the desert. If we dont like the way detectorists are being portrayed then why dont we offer our portraits?

Maybe Nugget Shooter is more geared to creating a public image than it is sqabbling about current issues affecting us? We always think of the futility of fighting a battle against "The Man" when maybe we could do better promoting the sport...er hobby... er "profession" of metal detecting on television as reality stars! Can you imagine JHO on a reality show? Sawmill? Garimpo?

If you think that the flurry of prospecting and treasure hunting shows lately do not represent the reality of the sport, er hobby, er...whatever, then we need to get some of these real prospectors faces on the boob tube to tell it like it is!

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NG is known to be more then on the Tree Huggy side.

Not seeing the show I have no other input on this one.

We shall See.

Oh, I only get Off Air Programing so it may be a few years! LOL


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Come on Weav! I have stated my opinion, with which you disagree.

Terry, Where did I say I disagreed with you?

I only asked- why all the hubbub? and, what would you do(hypothetical) and proposed a couple scenarios....

I'm neutral at this point.

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Terry I agree with you. These shows are the dumpster diving of television.

They get something slightly quirky - and that's how metal detecting is viewed by the general public guys, sorry - and

jazz it up with wild and crazy guys that have the gift of gab and package it as 'entertainment.'

It is mislabeled; it is crap.

If we don't watch it they won't make it,

but unfortunately a large percentage of tv watchers are in a mild trance.

It doesn't seem to matter what is on the screen,

it only matters that the screen is on.

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Heck Homefire,

National Geographic could do a documentary on Deming!

The cinematography could highlight the little nuances of life in Deming like the dust and wind, the trailer houses with the tires on the roof, the barking bulldogs that crap turds as big as a footballs and have scars on their faces. They could get that special snapshot of a town that you can only get from a few minutes standing in the checkout line at Wal-Mart. They could go to the park and watch the kids play in the goatheads while they squinted their eyes to keep the blowing sand out.

Then they could climb into a rusted out 1980's model vehicle with a replacement engine from a bakery van and head out to your place for some treasure hunting!

I bet you will never get that on a reality prospecting show.

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WHAT!!! Don't all Metal Detectorist lick Jelly Fish...????

I think the show was an insult but, thats just MY opinion and I'm the one who won't watch it anymore.

To each his/her own.

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Ok ,saw the show and it is over the top stupid and irrresponsible.

saw one worker climb into an openshaft and then all of a sudden '''''''''whoosh/whomp'''''''''''' the "floor" collapses under him.

THe guys above ground are left calling out his his name.. Think it was on the grounds of some old jail in 2son.

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Had to watch it once but never again. I sure don’t understand them making up there own vocabulary and really don’t care to learn it. Also they have words already made up for stuff they have never even hunted for or found. Trying not to be judgmental but seems a little low on the IQ scale.

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I watched a couple segments and was really hoping that the rest of the detecting world out there didn't talk like that.

If they could sell THAT show to television maybe someone could do a good one.

Welcome to the forum and you are right....

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I agreed with you Terry, and FlakMagnet. These shows just drive a few more nails into the prospecting, metal detecting,offroading, etc, etc... any use of the open land as we now know it. They are just fuel for the fires against our rights to enjoy our hobbies on open land. That why we should all support organnization like PLP, Public Land for the People, etc! Rather we prospect or just go out and take pictures. We got to join forces with off roaders, cattle rancher, any body that beleive in the idea of open land. If the Fed, or State goverments get their way.... million of acres.... hell million of square miles of land will be close, or lock up from us. If the state of AZ get the land from the BLM that they want. Nobody will be prospecting around Wickenburg for a radius of eighty miles! Can you imagine a "green zone", from Quartszite to Flagstaff!

Farfetch? Look at what is happening in Florida against beach metal detecting. A few words changing and prospecting can be facing the same, anywhere!

Get out and find that gold now... before it is too late!


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