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COILTEK has come to Nugget Shooter

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Hi All,

I mentioned this a few days back in another section but figured I better add it here as well. I am now an authorized Coiltek dealer as well as carrying all of Doc's Detecting's great products. I am still working on the new part of the online store, but should be done in a few days. Here is a link to the coils page, http://www.nuggetsho...re/Coiltek.html

I have been using the new 14 x 9 Coiltek "Blitz" coil for about a week now and have been pleasantly surprised by how quiet and sensitive it is on my GPX-5000..... Yes I have a new favorite coil :brows:

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I have a question Bill....ever since they came out I've been using the Gold Stalker Coiltek coils on my GP3500 and now my GPX 4000....in your opinion would get a significant increase in performance with the Blitz coil on my 4000?

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I have not used the others Don so am not qualified to make a judgement, perhaps someone else will chime in on that... I do know I am impressed with it on the 5000 though! I would guess the answer as yes and the new coils are now made with Litz wire....

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Hi Steve,

There are 3 sizes I really like and those are 8 inch, 11 inch, and a elliptical in the 9 x 14 or 12 x 15 and all would be mono coils. If I had to pick only 2 coils it would be something in the 8 inch range and a 14 x 9 coil or there about.

I really like this new Coiltek "Blitz" as it is feather light and runs very quiet and all 3 Minelab, Coiltek, and NuggetFinder are coming out with some coils that run incredibly smooth and stable even on the earlier SD and GP series Minelab PI, these coils als work very well on the TDI by White's.

So that would be my choice for the type areas I hunt, but in reality you will find yourself eventually buying more coils to fit situations you come across in your hunting adventures and hopefully can pay for them with money earned with the other original coil choices.

Hope this helps a little....

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