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Stewart Valley Dry Lake Hunt with Dolan Dave

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Howdy Gang,

Well, today I met up with Dolan Dave and I got a chance to show him Stewart

Valley and boy did we have fun eyeballing meteorites! We arrived between 7:30

and 8:00 this morning and let me tell you, the wind was a killer! It must have

been blowing 40 MPH. It was all I could do to see the rocks in front of me, but

as soon as the sun rose above the mountain, it died down pretty quick.

Dave was the first one to score ( we were using magnet canes the whole day),

and I followed quickly behind. It seemed as soon as he found one, I'd find one

too. By mid morning, Dave was kicking my butt, but that changed in no time

short. I headed back to the finds made earlier in the morning and decided to

hunt in a northern direction. A few meteorites later, and now almost lunch

time, I came across a mini-hit strewn field. This was pretty cool, several

pieces, 12 to be exact all laid out in small pattern. The farthermost meteorite

was about 10 feet from the main mass. I called Dave over to see the meteorite

and we tried our detectors on it to see if it would sound off. They did, but

they would have to be pretty big to hear them due to the mineralization of the

lake bed. After bagging and tagging, we kept hunting north and the meteorites

finally played themselves out. I found two more and then we moved to the other

side of the lake.

The east side didn't offer anything, so we then moved south. Dave found a

couple there, and by this time we were both feeling the effects of an hunting.

So we decided to call it quits, Right? Well as we were driving off the lake,

Dave spotted a few meteorites right in front of the truck about half way from

our exit point. He backed up an found four and I found four more too.

All in all a great day hunting, and scoring Stewart Valley meteorites.

I haven't collected the weights as of yet maybe in the next day or so.




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Hi everyone,

Jason invited me to hunt with him Sunday, it turned out to be a nice day. Jason, with the mini hit you picked up, leads me to believe these meteorites were impact strewn. We will have to compile all the records, and gps locations together, and start a map going. I wish the others who found some (hint hint) would compile their data finds with ours. The first part of the day our radios were going back and forth "got one, got one", but it all caught up with us with all the walking we did. I think our attention, and energy levels started to deplete later in the day, and our finds were pretty slim. We tried 3 metal detectors on these meteorites, the GB2, the GPX5000, and the Whites GMT. All 3 detectors were able to pick the meteorites up, but like Jason said, they were only on the larger pieces. But these rocks sure are magnetic, and clink to the magnet with some force.

Happy Hunting...




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Hey Jason and Dave well done!!! That a nice set of finds for the day!! I've been out there only once since I got stuck in the mud out there. I've only found a couple of tini - tiny maybe-ites. But there is always next time. Good Hunting!!! moondog

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