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First nugget with GPX4000


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I have been going out every Friday to the same place in El Dorado County for about 4 weeks.

I finally found my first .4 gram nugget with my GPX4000 and an 11" mono coil. I have met a lot

of nice people like Todd, Mark, Warren, Glenn, Charlie and Scott all using Minelabs of all types

with good advice. Thanks for the help.



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Hey Matt, I lost a $10 bill. It was white cloth-type paper with gov't green ink. LOL

I was banking on 10 will get you 20, but no dice. So can I have my deposit back? LMAO

Good find, man. Now that you have some confidence in you and the machine you'll start pulling them out left and right!

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Way to go Mike !!! awesome nugget and gas money too . Very nice day !

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