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Detecting Gold Basin "Cracker Jack box"

frank c

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Its TOUGH tuning in to this forum everyday. I have to look at "Nuggets" people post.

And when I look at nuggets I get this tremendous itch to move from my chair in front of the computer, abandone all the to do's on the weeks list and load up the fridge in the trailer.

Yeah I think it was the Goldstudmuffin twins That get the blame this past week.

I saw their gold post and had to scratch my itch.

To the basin I went on tuesday afternoon and stayed till this weekend.

Now I'm sittin at home with "kung fu juice" on my shoulder (linament for pain). Not from swingin but from pickin an diggin a close to 4 foot hole.

Yeah I'll never learn about them faint signals. I just love getting them.

Its like a Cracker Jack Box ya never know whats at the bottom. :*&$*(: :thumbsupanim:grr01:

I started chasin this faint one about 60 feet from the 3.2 dwt piece I detected and had illusions of grandure. Especially when it started to invert about half way down.

Wow, It ended up like a kidney shaped swimming pool hole, I had to make a staircase on the side to be able to get my feet and body in there to keep diggin the target.

Sorry no pics of the vintage 1930's Sardine can. How the hell it got that deep was hard to imagine by looking at the landscape but it did.

Any way it was a good hunt with just under a quarter ounce total with 3 nuggets detected. Great company and beautiful weather , Who could ask for more.?

Happy Huntn


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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Frank,

Congrats, Very nice nuggets WTG! I tore up my knee a year ago digging a 3 foot hole that took two of us a day and a half to dig. It was one of John B, green turds... :grr01:

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