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To all you ole pro's out there a story of remembrance. I've been going out prospecting with Frank C and Grandpa the last several weekends and always come up empty handed. So on Friday afternoon I met them at Gold Basin. I was excited to find a small meterorite shard weighing in at 5 grams. I was'nt going to get the SKUNK again this weekend!! On Saturday I came across a small signal figuring it was the same crap I always find being it was'nt even a inch deep. I got the target in my scoop and did'nt see a bullet, nail or staple. What the heck? I'm left with 3 strange items in my scoop and I don't know what is possibly setting my dectector off? It's a tiny white rock. WHAT? I try to scrape it with my fingernail, I still don't know what the heck it is so I pop it in my mouth like I see Frank C. do It's GOLD I can't beleive it!!!! YEAH I not only did'nt get the skunk I got my 1st gold weighing in at 0.1 HA HA letting me know there's bigger pieces down the road for me.






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Best part was she detected it with the 2200V2.

Most everyone you talk to says the 21 and 2200's won't find small gold, you just can't do it with those machines.

I say FOOEY, if you know what coils to use and learn your detector ( she had a good teacher :hahaha: ) They will find any gold thats out there.

That was a 1 tenth of a pennyweight nugget

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Great find, Teri. Did you say you spent a couple of weekends to find your first gold? Some guys spend years.

Be happy. Be very happy!!

And get more!



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Very nice nuggie, Teri ... Now you're on a roll as a gen-u-wine gold findin' machine ... Keep up the good work ... Cheers, Unc

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