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The turtle is winning

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I don’t get it…

We harp about our “Public Lands” and pontificate about the law and what it means. We hold the legislation dear and we have framed copies of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Mining Act framed with gilt edges hanging on our walls.

For years we have been looking at these documents on the wall and reassuring ourselves that we had the Law, God, and “Right” on our side. The only time we got involved was in court and by golly we shut ‘em down time after time.

Meanwhile others with a very different outlook have been organizing and getting involved. Committing time and resources toward a common idealistic goal. Learning how rules are made, changed, and broken with impunity. They played the game that was handed to them and they have learned to play it very well. They fostered connections and gained numbers and became masters at ORGANIZATION. They became strong where “we” were weak. Any soldier, football player , boxer or inmate will tell you who is going to win a fight when one opponent is strong and the other is weak.

We have further weakened ourselves by accepting the political paradigm handed to us by the partisan right. Just as the tin foil haberdashers are zombies for the left, so has a large percentage of our colleagues fallen ill with the flesh eating virus of the right. It will be very difficult for some to overcome the conditioning of years of political propaganda to see that it is not a “left/right” issue at all. It is almost impossible for us to focus on the reality of an issue without getting caught up in the political propaganda and BS they feed us as a diversion. We would much rather fight amongst ourselves than fight together toward a common goal. Politics has taught us that. It is a result of our training. After all we are independent Americans and we all must do it our own way else we are lesser men somehow.

Yet they are kicking our asses. Soundly. They have years of organization, well funded legal departments, and millions of active supporters. Fourty years ago they were all smoking pot in the park and got an idea that they were going to help the earth. Just look at what a little real motivation can do.

Exactly how much do those documents on the wall mean to us? As much as the earth meant to those hippies in the park in the late 60’s? If we see our little world spinning out of control it is because we rested on our laurels and allowed their ideology to be the only one heard. The rabbit and the turtle. And if we intend to have a voice we are going to have to drop the BS and infighting, focus on a common, attainable goal and work toward it as a team. And we are going to have to fight an adversary that we have envisioned as stupid, sissy, weak, and dingy. And these liberal faggots are going to swing us around by the tail quite a bit because they are stronger than we are. But someone is going to have to fight them, no?

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