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Well, I guess I'm a BAD BAD Hombre.

I travel many a power line roads across BLM lands.

Gas lines too! OOOOOOOOOH

Naw, those easements are generally not restricted for access. They are, however withdrawn from mineral entry. And since an old disabled vet with a metal detector is a "miner" and not just a "recreational detectorist" he cant dig even one inch deep on those easements.

The only thing that is off limits on gas, power and other easements runnign across BLM is when a pumping station or riser comes up. In those cases they are fenced or tamper proof by engineering. You pretty much have to have a darn good excuse to restrict access to BLM land unless you have a very good reason. And even then you have to build the fence darn close to the pump house.

Most easements are open to access. That is what they are all about. But most easements are under, over, or near some sort of infrastructure that would preclude "mining". So the problem with easements is not really trespass as much as being able to carry on "mining" activities. And since we can't differentiate what a detectorist does from what a "miner" does without losing our rights we cant beep under the bridges or over the high pressure gas lines.

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Rodd! Take it easy there ya' big animal! You don't rearrange the teeth, you just loosen them a bit. It takes "finesse". That is a French word that means "no bruises but possible internal damage".

If a patient needs his teeth rearranged under a bridge he needs to have a wallet full of cash or I am not performing the surgery. Professional ethics forbid me to practice dentistry under bridges without at least $250 up front and a fast car waiting to get me outta there after the procedure is complete and the patient is "coming around".

A cool head prevails on most circumstances. It is a lot of fun to kid around and say "what if", but if you can get through life without getting your tail kicked or having to kick someone else's tail you are doing pretty good. If all it takes is a little pride that is a pretty small price to pay for a violence free day.

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I agree with you I usually get silent revenge and when the stuff goes through the fan I am an innocent bystander.

We had a guy at work who thought he was the head machinist he was allways getting people in trouble with the

boss we had a monday to friday shift and a tuesday to saturday shift so first thing monday morning he puts an empty

rye bottle and 2 beer cans in the garbage beside the guys lathe then when the boss came in he takes him over and

shows him and said that the guy must have been drinking on his shift so tuesday the boss goes to the guy and was going

to fire him for drinking on the job only then did the guy rush over and tell the boss that he put them in the garbage of course

the fellow knew who did it and was going to bust him up a little'fortunatly for the guy he was talked out of it..

One day I hung a sign on his lathe at lunch time it said You can get aids from listening to A$$ holes when he found it

you could see the anger in his face he crumpled it up threw it in the garbage 10 seconds later he took it out flattened it

and photo copied it and hung it on the guys lathe that he thought put it on his he didn't get a responce.

By the way I like your bush doctor way of flea removal..


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