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Burning Activated Carbons help!!!


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Hello i am new to the whole mining game, my grandfather has recently pasted and on his property i found a couple 50 gallon druns full of carbons after doing some intial testing I found that these carbons are loaded with gold. I have been trying to figure out the easiest way to get the gold off the carbons and "into my pocket" so to say..

Can anyone help me out with a step by step process on how to go about burning the carbons or is there an easier way to "strip" the carbons,

I have no plans on re-using them

Thank you


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I had them sent away for testing and they told me they where loaded activated carbons, and that they are loaded with gold..Aprox 1100 g/t

I had read on another site that you could burn them. But i don't want to just set fire to the drums.

He came from a small town Northern Ontario with lots of hardrock mining, all underground or open pit mining.

I have been told that he used to work in a mill or somewhere around the mill?

Hopefully this will help

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There is a way to strip gold from carbon but it involves some nasty chemicals and you have way too much to process safely by yourself.. Not sure about burning it either. Some gold could just go up in smoke.

If you really have those kind of values, I would ask the people who did the initial testing to point you in the right direction... If they can't help, send another sample to an assayer and ask them to point you in the right direction... You have too much to lose by rushing it.


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Sissies! Halide Leach it out.

Drop it out with powdered Zinc.


Muriatic Acid and Chlorine Bleach.

Both under your kitchen sink right now I bet.

I doubt very much if Nick has any experience in chemistry since he posted the question in the first place... With the value of the carbon potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars, I wouldn't want to risk something going wrong by not knowing what I'm doing. Some refinery already has the equipment, chemicals,knowledge to get the maximum recovery...and it would only cost a small percentage... They would also have the proper permits for the chemical disposal.

Forget burning as a lot will go up in smoke...

Rodd mentions the recovery of gold from mine water or even springs. There are companies that will set up a system on your property for the recovery of gold from mine water and will maintain it at no cost in return for a percentage. But it would have to be profitable for both parties and not everyone would qualify..

There's another method for recovering gold from mine water and springs but that's another story.


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"They would also have the proper permits for the chemical disposal."

Ok, you have to know what your doing.

Since when do you need a Chemical Disposal Permit to use Concrete Cleaner and Laundry Bleach? LOL

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If you are a company, you have to have permits, from the EPA and perhaps even from the state or local government before you can discharge those types of waste. I suspect it would take a large volume of chemicals to process two 55 gallon drums of activated carbon.

If you are just someone at home using them for just household purposes, a permit wouldn't be required.


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What Chemical Waste would there be that is not already in the system?

Your adding Bleach a Base to A Acid neutralizing it leaving a Halide .

After Used, you will have Activated Charcoal, Burnt Bone mostly Carbon and Calcium.

You could add it to the Tar OIL based to redo your Drive Way and all would be Legal.

Why does everyone Freq out calling stuff Chemicals?

There was a cool Video about every one signing a petition to ban Hydrogen MonOxide.

It was put to people that it's being used all over the World now.

Thousands of people die from it every year.

Farmers use it on farms now.

There is Evidence of it being found in Every Home in the World now.

Funny thing is Most People Call It WATER! H20

Do you live in a city?

If you do you Drink Halides.

They call it chlorinated water.

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The Carbon's you have are probably made from Coconut shells.

YOU DO NOT want to burn up the carbon. Because you will sent the fine Micron sized up in smoke like Goldfinger said. It will not get hot enough to MELT the Au and will attach to the fine particles of Smoke or unburned Carbon.

What you need to do is find a facility or mine leaching business that will Strip the Carbon with Their Certified and Permitted system. Then you can maybe get paid for the Activated Carbon that is a REusable byproduct, and quite expensive.

Having multiple 55gal drums to deal with is no small chore when you want to SMELT the gold out of the Stuff. It will Cost a Bunch($100rds $$$) to get set up to do it safely and you HAVE to get Permits to do it on that scale. Or you Risk all sorts of Govmnt fines and hassels.

What you need to know is How much Au is in the Barrels, this is done by taking your Assay report and figuring out HOW many 55gal drums are in a Ton of Activated Char you will need to know what Type of Car you have to do this. Then you need to take the Grams/Ton in the assay report to find the Total amount of gold you have. And if the barrels have gotten moisture in them you won't be able to just take a barrel and weigh it and then deduct the weight of the empty drum to get the weight of the contents.

This is why I suggested like others have is to get a couple of Assays from different assayers and then sell/ship the drums to a Refiner to have them deal with it.

NOW to the next Question the $20,000 one; What was the system used to Leach the Au in the first place. Cyanide, then if so you will be shipping Deadly Hazardest Waste, and it doesn't matter to the EPA or others if you only have Parts Per Billion Residuals left in the crap it is STILL classified as such.

Thats why you need to know HOW Much Au you got Total to begin with, even a Ballpark figure is close enough to Weigh the Cost/Bennifit Ratio.

If it costs $300 to get $400 worth of Gold then Tain't Worth it.

Could be why your Grandpa didn't mess with it as there wasn't enough C/B Ratio to have it processed.

I have to deal with all this Stuff (ignorance) on trying to get startup Claim holders to NOT try and Process Their Ore On Site. Just Classify and Crush and Concentrate then Ship. Its much

easier and Quicker with the EPA If you don't have ANY chemicals involved, just a little recycled washwater and some LandScaping.

Right now it takes 16-20 months to get a New Mine Permitted.

Hope this helps in some decision making on your part.


Bill Adams

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Nick, I did a little investagating on this because you being new to the GAME would have to spend Hours researching this and may not get it done or just give up.

SO I did a little of the following for you.


Bill Adams

Weight of Water


Pounds Grams Kilograms

Gallon 8.345404 3785.4118 3.7854118

Cubic foot 62.42796 28316.847 28.316847

Here is a basic formula for computing your gold.

55gal drum is probably only filled to 50gal

1 gal H2O = 8.34 lbs X 50gal = 417 lbs H2O

The sp of Carbon is 1.3 and water is 1 so 417 lbs H2O x 1.3 = 542.1 lbs of carbon per Barrel.

X two bbls = 1084.2 lbs Carbon total

1084.2/2000 => 0.5421 Tons X 1100gm per ton => 596.31gm Au total

596.31gm Au /

31.103 => 19.1721ozs

19.1721ozs X $1704 =>


Get Proffesional Help as in Hireing a Mining Engineer to Sell and Broker your "Stuff"

you pay him/her a couple of thousand for Insurance that You don't get SCREWED or screw this up yourself

You pay $600 for Freight Carrier shipping and

YOU get to Pocket 30 Grand from your Grandpas Wisdom and Forsite.

Ore until your and his inlaws get wind of the SMELL of Money.

Hope this helps get you on the right track.


Bill Adams

Below are some other Humerious Options from My Preverted Mind. tehehe


Picture for compareson


You could sell the barrels to these folks as a "Premium Gold Plated Smoking Charcoal"


Or you could sell it to these folks also and Preform a Great Community Service


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