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G'Day Everyone

It's been a tough week. Thursday after starting at 4am and traveling to many locations, addressing construction problems. By 3pm, my mate and I had reached a brick wall and decided to call it quits for the day even though we had one more place to visit. So we decided to get coffee from 7-11 and get it finished. Pulling up to the site, I noticed the top of two fishing rods poking out of a roller bin ( I know, always looking for trash).

So I yelled at him to stop, we arrived inches from the bin.Mind you there were 3 bins in a row, we stopped at the 3rd one. I opened the door to get out and grab the rods, when a car in the opposite direction veered across the road and stopped inches from our truck. Which put his window opposite the 1st bin, he reached out and pulled the 2 rods from the bin. It was dead silence, a stand off, so quiet you could hear a rat pee on a cotton ball. I gave him the look of the devil. My mate threw his arms in the air communicating WTF. He smiled, the wife looked at him and said something. He put the rods back down and laid them against the bin. She backed up and they took off.

So I ran out and grabbed the rods, two and I thought these might be a little special because they did not have the normal production made labels on them. But looked like they were hand-written. One was a 7' 4xC Truline 10-80 and the other was an 8' 36C Truline 15-80

So I started to do some research, seems like they are sought after rods. But in researching them I came upon this which I thought was very interesting.




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Bill, I've been working on at least having one day to myself doing something I like. Trying to make each month work is getting tougher. I'm only left with a couple of rupees by the end of the month but they add up. Now, just to add insult to injury.. gas prices are up and saying up is an understatement. I think they're being shoved up my (.. not a good word..).

The local station here went from $3.97 to $4.19 in 2 days for regular unleaded. I've been running on a yellow light in my Toy, when that sucker comes on I know I've got 30 miles before I'm cactus. Hell I went to Costco, it was cheaper $4.07, 1/2 hour wait and I just managed to fill my reserve tank.

Isn't life wonderful? At least I'm still breathing. Oh wait..... I thought I read somewhere they're going to tax us for breathing :th:

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An update. I researched those rods and the company doesn't exist anymore. But they're sought after by rod collectors.

So I went to a local fishing store near me, she's quite popular with the die hards. I showed her the rods, asked her what it would cost to fix both of them.

Some of the guides were a little worse for wear, so to put new guides on the 7 footer would have been $109 and to put new guides on the 8 footer was $129

I told her I didn't need 2 rods and the 8 footer was just too big for my pick up. So we hummed and hawed and she said she would do me a custom rod which she makes at the shop and give me a reel as a trade on the 2 rods. So I said I would think about it.

I went back today to pick up my rod. 7 footer made with a Cal Star blank 870H 20-50 lb and a Penn 555GS reel and she slapped on 40 lb line. She did some pretty fancy rope work on the handle.

Now I'm all set to go. $50 will get me out for 3/4 of a day out of Redondo Beach. I killed Nemo ... pass the butter

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Johnno ... I have been a member of the NEKF (New England Kayak Fishing) Club back in NH for a few years now. We have a couple guys that do beautiful custom rods like those you posted on the linked site. They are to pretty to fish with but a couple of the diehard Kayak Striper fishermen use them all the time. It is truly an art to make one and do it right. I've tried to make a couple rods ... the work is easy but if you don't have an artistic bone in your body it is just another rod off the shelf.

darn I miss fishing in the ocean from that kayak. I'm going to have to plan a trip in June to get back there and do a little fishing. Nothing like being towed by a 40 pound striper!

Mike F

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Let's see now.....you go fishing in a itsy-bitsy boat....you only have arm or leg power.....then if your un-lucky enough to

catch a fish BIGGER than your boat and more POWERFUL than your motor and then he heads for open water instead

of shore and just before you hooked this monster from the deep you finished your last beer.....friends this is not fun

fishing.....this is soon to be :idunno: open water rescue in progress.....

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Johnno ... Jon Jon is a legend and has caught just about every big game fish you can name from Hobie kayak ... those are all pedal power yaks. I have a 13' Ocean Kayak TridentAngler that is propelled by paddle. My setup isn't as elaborate as Jon Jon but for me just as much fun.

Heres a link to it: http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/angler_kayaks/trident_13_angler/

And this is close to how my boat is rigged:


Mike F

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Mike I gotta hand it to ya man....your Kayak sure beats my tube float in cold weather....but I kept waiting for you to tell where

the beer storage is....was that it in the round black think just in front of the seat?

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Ice, sea water and a few cool ones will fit there if desired ... personally I don't drink beer when on the kayak especially since most of my striper fishing is at night and usually into the wee hours of the night at that. But once back on shore the cooler in the truck usually has one or two waiting for me. That little bulkhead is a good storage for emergy stuff that you want to keep dry. It is sealed against the weather and the ocean even if you tip over. Helps to pop you back up like a cork too if you do capsize ... fortunately I haven't had the pleasure other than in practice to make sure I could still re-board the boat from the water especially necessary if far from shore. I've paddled out 7 miles to the Isle of Shoals off the NH-ME coast chasing fish during daylight and darkness! Night time you have to watch the shipping channel going into Portsmouth NH ... those guys can't see a little spot like me on the water during the day let alone at night! Draw your own pictures on that one. The more I write about this the more I want to get back and do it some more. I need to see if there are any kayak fishing clubs fishing the stripers on the big lakes here in AZ.

Mike F

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Are you a

Democrat, a Republican, or a


Here is a

little test that will help you decide.


answer can be found by posing the following question:

You're walking down a

deserted street with your wife

and two small


Suddenly, a Terrorist with a huge knife


around the corner,

locks eyes with you,



raises the knife, and charges at you...


are carrying a

Kimber 1911 cal. 45 ACP, and you are an expert


You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your


What do you do? THINK CAREFULLY





Well, that's not

enough information to answer the question!

·What is a Kimber 1911

cal. 45 ACP?

·Does the man look

poor or oppressed?

·Is he really a

terrorist? Am I guilty of profiling?

·Have I ever done

anything to him that would inspire him to


·Could we run


·What does my wife


·What about the


·Could I possibly

swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his


·What does the law say

about this situation?

·Does the pistol have

appropriate safety built into it?

·Why am I carrying a

loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to

society and to my children?

·Is it possible he'd

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·Does he definitely

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·If I were to grab his

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·Should I call


·Why is this street so


·We need to raise

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·Can we make this a

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·I need to debate this

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............ ......... ......... .........

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Answer: BANG!




Click..... (Sounds of reloading)








Daughter: 'Nice

grouping, Daddy!'

'Were those the Winchester Silver Tips or

Hollow Points?!

Son: 'Can I shoot the next


Wife: 'You are NOT

taking that to a Taxidermist!

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Hey Don ... Not to belabor the kayak thing those guys were being serviced by a 'mother ship' ... note there isn't any gear on the kayaks ... no kayaker in his/her right mind would go out without a bunch of gear unless the mother ship from which they launched was right behind them. Doesn't make the thrill of catching that Marlin any less though. I would love to hook up with one of those. My fishing buddy hooked up with a 110 pound Tuna ... that was a thrill to watch ... I had to paddle like hell to stay up with them. Grilled Tuna steaks that night were fabulous!

God I miss the Ocean!!!!!!!! June is only a couple months away right? I'm going!

Mike F

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Yes you're right Don. But Mike might have his kayak back on the East and with gas prices these days that's a long way to drive to get his kayak and then come back to go to the Pacific. But if he does have his kayak, it would be closer to the Pacific than the Atlantic, but hell, Santa Monica Bay is not the best to fish in. They warn you that most of the fish is polluted, so you need to get past Catalina Island, that's about 26 miles. I know Mike's up to it or he could head down to the Baja and I hope he takes a lot of supplies, that's alot of paddling or pedaling. But I know he's up to it. Some big fish down there.

Me, I don't have a kayak so it's catch a boat out of Redondo and see what happens. But still, it's better than nothing. Fresh air, the fun and excitement and a whole lot of fish in your freezer ... FRESH ... can't beat it

As for catch and release, I don't have a problem, the fish come up take the rod away from me

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You guys are pretty funny ... I do have the kayak here and it will be on the truck when I go back east for a visit in June. Don't know a thing about fishing the west coast but have thought about it a bit. The 25 mile paddle is a little turn off assuming that is one way ... I have paddled 25 miles in a day but that is round trip! Johnno you have a lot of faith in my ability! :) Maybe more than I do!!! :) :) And yes I did see the mothership at the end of the video too.

Mike F

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Mike, A life long friend of mine is a Fishing boat Captain out of Dana Point, CA. He pretty much goes out after big Tuna and I am sure you could arrange for him to be your Mothership. But you might be fishing 200 miles out!

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STeve ... Sounds like that could be a challenge and a lot of fun ... Not sure I would mind going out the 200 miles ... my problem would be the bottom ... couple miles to the bottom with a deep diving Marlin on my line may not be the best choice! BUT ... I may just change my mind in 2013 ... Trips for 2012 are already locked in.

Mike F

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Hey Johnno!

That is indeed a grouper and the "lake" is a volcanic crater along the Baja coast of the Sea of Cortez. The fish is 275+ lbs and measures 7'6" along his bottom edge.

He was taken at 50 feet spearfishing and he took about three hours to subdue and bring to the surface. The fellow in the photo is a very famous spear fisherman named Scott Polatt and the photo was taken back in the late 70's or very early 80's. He dealt the initial blow with a 44 mag cartridge at the end of a 60" spear. Once the initial rodeo was over it was a matter of getting several shafts into him from variouus angles and getting him to the surface.

We gottum big tuna on the rigs in the gulf, dorado in Mexico, and whopper freshwater stripers and walleye. My biggest catfish is 143 lbs and my biggest striper is 54 lbs. I shot a black bass that was just under 8 lbs and submitted it for a state record but they would not give it to a spear fisherman because it would piss off the bass fishing community. So my son turned around and stuck a 39" walley and submitted it. They are still trying to figure out what to do with that one and it has been four years.

Fresh water spearfishing has been a lot more productive than salt weater for me but I still remember those whopper groupers back in the early 80's. Man what a thrill to be down there on his level connected to a fish like that fighting him!

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Bob, we have one that sits in an area on the Great Barrier Reef, he's become very popular. No eating him, he's a tourist attraction. But they call him VDub because he looks like a Volkswagen Beetle. One big son of a be-atch

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