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Coating a rock

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……to, say, bring out the colors. Of course the purist objects that we ought to polish it instead but some of us are hopelessly lazy. Certain coatings turn brown after a few years. Lately I’ve been using spar urethane but has anyone had extensive experience with many such clear substances

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This was a common practice back in the 60-80's. Dealers could coat a slab with lacquer or ? and made the rock instantly shiny. Today people either buff a face if they want a shiny specimen or just get it wet or submerse it in water. I have a lot of old stock slabs that have now yellowed and do not look as good. It can be buffed off it you are willing to clog your wheel with old lacquer or just use some thinner to remove it. I only buff the end pieces after slabbing to get specimens so I know what it looks like polished. Elsewhere I prefer a spray bottle with water to examine slabs as it also will show flaws in bright sunlight. Jerry

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