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Last Happy Ridge Nugget

Uncle Ron

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Well, I've pulled a few more out of the Happy Ridge Patch but think I've pretty well got it cleaned out now ... No targets anymore and pretty well mapped out the hot spots in the bedrock ... Found a few dinks down in the bedrock cracks and finally this nice heart shaped .6 grammer ... So now I'm on the hunt for a new patch once again ... Lots of fun but the Happy area spoiled me ... About 3/4 ounce total for about 22 nuggets ... And this is the time of year to crank it up ... Warm enough to be comfy huntin' out there and the knose kgnats have not kicked in yet ...I'm amazed at how sensitive the NF 14" E M is on New Baboo 4500 ... We're only a week away from Snake Day, March 1, so be careful out there ... Cheers, Unc



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Well, you better find another patch soon, man. You get cranky if'n yer not pullin out gold (just kiddin, but makes for good readin)

I aspire to find a good patch like your happy gulch/ridge. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

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