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Beware the Skunk is now in the Northern Bradshaws

Mike Furness

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AND if you find him don't bring him back to me! Bunk took me up to his 'secret' spot that everyone knows about so I won't say where other than the Northern Bradshaw's with a mission to help me find a nugget. Well ... it worked ... I finally have my first Bradshaw's nugget. It was fluctuating on the scale at 1.4 to 1.5 grams so I figure it must be close to 1.5g and will call it that! smile.gif Found with my newly returned GPX5000 (sent it in for repairs on Feb 1 and got it back just in time for the AZO outing that Friday morning) and a 8" Rd Commander mono, settings were Enhance(extreme hot rocks in the area), sensative smooth, RX gain on 9 and motion very slow. This nugget just whispered at about 6" deep until I kicked off the leaves and twigs ... then it sang like a 22 bullet and almost didn't dig it because I alread had over a dozen in my pocket. Thanks Bunk!




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Excellent Mountain Nugget, Mike... WTG ... Just don't be stirrin' up the skunk ... As long as you keep pokin' his eye out with beauties like that he won't be sniffin' around the patches ... Cheers, Unc

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Dang it, Mike! Why the heck did you have to let him go up there. Don't you know those dang skunks travel south? I cay this with authority thanks to an experience SGT Frank and I had near LSD...

On the way out 74 we passed a dead skunk on the north side of the road. On the way back he was on the south. Not sure where the rest of the family was, but they were certainly somewhere around mile post 2 as the gold fields were barren.

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Long sleeve Cabelas Worstelon shirt and Canvas pants ... Never even noticed them! :) Few scratches on the hands as I forgot the gloves yesterday but other than that the oaks and holy bushes though thick and hard to push through were not a big problem. And the nugget was underneath and at the base of one of those scrub oaks!

Mike F

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